Park Lane & Mayfair

There are a huge number of hotels in Central London and these are establishments in which may of our clients stay when they are visiting. A dinner date appointment is perfect as they have a suitable companion to dine with in public and then have the opportunity to get to know her better in private after a meal. If you do happen to be staying in one of the top London hotels, their restaurants are ideal to dine in as you do not need to waste any time of your date travelling to another location. You can simply finish your mean and head off to your room together for a nightcap without any questions asked.

Whilst there are no actual geographical boundaries for Central London it is taken to be the areas that are within the zone 1 of the underground system. In this instance it does cover many different locations although most of our ladies are located in this area for in calls if this is your preference. We find that it works much better for our clients if they can access our ladies just be using the tube or road systems and all our girls live near stations so that their gentlemen companions do not have to travel too far once they alight from their train.

Most of our fantastic companions are from countries other than the UK. We have found that our gentlemen companions gravitate towards these girls just because of their personalities, warmth and outlook on life. Their different cultures make them exciting and alluring and especially our South American escorts who are passionate and demonstrative and completely different everything an Englishman is used to!! We also have a great many clients who are international businessmen and for these gents the ability to spend time with a lady from their own country, who speaks the same language and who is also an elite London escort it perfect. With a great selection of Russian escorts, Italian, Spanish, French, Indian and eastern european ladies available in central London, our clients are always spoilt for choice.

Many of our Central London ladies are models or if they are not, they certainly should be!! Our ladies are the most graceful, elegant and sophisticated companions you will find anywhere in the entire city not just Central London. They are ideal companions for social occasions and are comfortable mingling with the highest echelons of society. They are discreet, demure but radiate warmth and genuine charm and will be the perfect foil for you at any prestigious event.

There is so much to do in central London but if this is your first visit and you do have some spare time to explore our beautiful city then you can do so in the company of one of our elite companions in London. They will accompany you around Central London taking in all the sights and attractions however, we hazard a guess that the biggest attraction is the lady herself and you won’t want to be too far away from your room for long. Contact Park Lane and Mayfair today and we will set a date of your dreams up for you…

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