Park Lane & Mayfair


What a wonderful young lady! Spending time with her was great. This escort is everything you could wish for—naughty, sexy, and very beautiful. She was so good that I've already booked her for next week. Well, you only live once!

There was a little mix-up with the hotels, and she was gracious enough to travel again; fortunately, it wasn't too far away. Aside from that, I was completely satisfied with her service. Cleo was excellent and met all my expectations. she is attractive, passionate, and polite—the perfect combination!

BEST YET! She is sexy, smart and exceptionally good at what she does. From minute 1 to minute 60, this girl doesn't stop. She may have that angelic look, but she also has a wickedly sexy side too. Gentlemen, you are in for a mind-blowing time with this one. All services are delivered expertly and with no fuss.

I look forward to learning just how naughty Drew can be in future visits...

What a woman! What a body! What a pair of boobs!! I'm happy with my visit, especially because she looks as great in real life as in her pictures. She was stunning and extremely good at her job. No clock watching, very engaging and nice to see an escort that enjoys herself too. Well worth it for the price, and a second visit is on the cards for when I'm next in the area.

First, let me say that Ginger puts the fun factor in this business. She's down to earth and doesn't take herself too seriously. All that, she is still sexy and knows how to treat a man. I had a fantastic evening with her. I can't remember the last time I had such a good laugh with a beautiful and sexy female. Fantastic!

A charming escort, beautifully dressed and elegant, Meghan was the perfect choice for a hotel visit. She was relaxed and made sure our date was enjoyed by both myself and her, exactly what I like. She is very naturally pretty, and I actually felt like I'd known her for ages by the time she left. It was a wonderful experience and one I'll definitely do again in the future.

Just the highlights - easygoing, intelligent, attractive. We enjoyed a glass of wine together before getting to know each other more intimately. Her place is immaculately clean and well-presented, and the bedroom is a room kitted out for fun. As seen from her photographs, Kyra is natural and pretty, and I can confirm that she looks like this. This girl has the most amazing body, which needed exploration, and she was very willing to allow me to do so. A delightful experience. Thank you!

She is a hit. She is a good conversationalist; I imagine she can adapt to every situation, and she is brilliant. She gave me exactly what I needed, and it's been a long time since I've been with such a beautiful lady. I felt like I'd won the lottery. When the time came to kick back, she let her hair down, too. Perfect date and top marks from me.

Performance-wise - unbelievable, she took control, and she took me to the point of exhaustion; the girl has skills that I haven't encountered...ever! And I have been doing this for a long time. She looks fantastic - she was better than her photos. Very well groomed with hair and nails done. She looked after every part of herself. Was she worth it? It depends if you can afford her, I guess, but for me, she was.

One of the loveliest sessions I have had for a long time. The location is excellent, parking straightforward to find, and when I was greeted by Erika at the door to her incredible apartment, I just knew I was in for a treat. Great personality, high cleanliness standards and also a very classy lady ........I cannot recommend highly enough. If you want some good quality adult fun with a very sexy lady, then I advise you to book.

Riley is top-shelf stuff. She talks the talk, gets down and dirty, and won't hold back. She enjoyed every second of me as I did of her. She is an excellent escort and is already booked for next week.

You know when you find that special one, and I've found her. Veena is brilliant, she's sexy, she's gorgeous, and I didn't want to leave. What a delightful young lady, and I'm so pleased I stumbled across her. After 2 hours, I was well and indeed done, but I will be back soon, and I can't wait. Veena, you are a lovely and unique girl, Thank you.

Silvia is a special girl, and I love my time with her. I sometimes see her and her friend but she is always the best one for me. She has a pretty face and is very, very sexy, and next time I will see you for longer, and we will go for dinner. Many thanks, and see you soon.

It was so lovely to spend intimate time with Annabelle. I only read her reviews after seeing her and can't understand why anyone wouldn't enjoy every minute of her company. She's stunning, very sexy and fun-loving. I was seriously smitten. It is a perfect choice, and she looks even better in the flesh x

Well, what can I say about Hayley that hasn't already been said? She was fun and chatty and just so infectious - time just flew by. Hayley has this aura about her that gives off positive energy and makes you relaxed and welcome. And OMG, curves to die for; she is a big girl up top; how I like them. Time spent with Hayley was pure bliss, crazy and energetic. It's worth seeing again.

Friendly conversion leads to a relaxed and enjoyable time together. She is one of the most excellent girls I have ever met, never felt rushed, and 100% recommended. Katya is the perfect party princess. 

Ridiculously good. It was the best experience with a cheap escort I've had. Anita excels on every level - Smart, engaging, extra services, nothing is too much for her. It's tough to let her go. Hence the extended hours that weren't initially booked. I loved everything about this escort, and she has shot up the list of my new favourite girls to see.

I have just visited the most wonderful lady. I don't normally do reviews, but I felt I must. Nicki was incredible, sexy in mind and body and such a genuinely lovely lady.

Then she introduced me to her friend...

I have used other agencies before and done the 'duo thing' with rather disinterested ladies, but this experience was somewhat different and will stay in my mind for a long time to come! If you want the real deal, book Nicki, and if you want something out of this world, make sure her friend is there too. Phenomenal!!!

I vowed Jackie I would write a good review, and she is worth it. She was highly feminine, fabulous and very sexy from the moment I met her. I had the most fantastic hour, and she treated me like a boyfriend with kisses and affection that was genuine and loving throughout. Her massage was the perfect finish to an exceptional service, and I highly recommend a visit. I felt on top of the world after an hour with her. PERFECTION!

Polite, pretty and open minded - all round good escort.

If you are in any doubt about booking Katrina, don't be. This escort has it all. Looks, body, sex appeal, personality and charm. I have just spent an incredible 3 hrs with her. Fantastic!

It is a good location for me to visit: close to the station and private. Once inside, it's a lovely flat. Shannon herself was perfect and very welcoming! Cheers for the recommendation!

Andrea was excellent, better looking than the photos (which, let's face this, is rare) and a breath of fresh air—fun, polite, educated, great figure and as charming as they come. I am happy to recommend her and would 100% see her again.

It's a bit too pushy for my liking. Sinead is extremely attractive but lacks warmth, and better escorts are out there. She's not one to see again for me, unfortunately.

It was my first time, and initially, I was quite sceptical. Tatiana had many reviews, and all of them were positive. I could not believe she was THAT good. Well, SHE IS. First of all, she is 200 times prettier than the pictures!! They are quite accurate, but she is a bit thinner now, and her body is spot on. Her face is unbelievable, her eyes captivating, her breasts heavenly shaped, and her legs are so long and awesome. Her lovely personality and willingness to please me are the best bit about her. So yes, her appearance and the nice girl she has deserve 10 out of 10. A great first experience. It couldn't have been better. Thank you a million times!

Lovely escort, trustworthy professional, top quality service. She happily accommodated my requests and even allowed me extra time to watch my horse race. The day was made even better by the horse winning! ;)

Mandy is one of the hottest girls I've been with. She's pretty, got a sexy body, lovely bum, firm boobs and tasty p****. I can't ask for more, and her photos do not do her justice. I had a great time with her; she is very good at taking the lead, and I'll be back for more of her treatment soon.

Wow, wow, wow! A beautiful lady and great intelligent company. She is also very adventurous. As a first-timer, I decided to go with one of the expensive ones for better service. Gwen arrived on time and looked very beautiful. I can't imagine it could have been any more pleasant, and she was perfect company and very professional - highly recommended!!

Good experience and I would see her again but pictures aren't very accurate.

Knowing that I'm getting a stress-free service makes all the difference, and I am writing a review because I was very impressed with my experience with this agency. I'm new to Park Lane & Mayfair but not to seeing escorts, and over the years, I've seen a few. Firstly, their receptionist was accommodating, well-spoken and patient and knew her stuff. She not only found someone close by, but she also matched my request for a petite blonde. I didn't look at the website before I went. Experience has taught me that very few escorts look anything like their photographs. With that being said, the girl she found was good. Her name is Clarice, and she was just what I was after. Welcoming and friendly from the get-go and a great kisser too! She's not too expensive, somewhere in the mid-price range for escorts. Clarice is not your model-looking elite escort, but she is straightforward on the eye, and I enjoyed her company more than some of the pricier ladies I've seen in the past. One to see again? Yes.

Guys, if you are looking at the pics and think it's too good to be true, I can assure you it is! She doesn't look like this even though it is the same girl. Gillian is still attractive but indeed older and not like her photos, so what you see is not what you get. There's a lot of plastic on her face. On the plus side, she seemed to pick up on my disappointment, so she tried her best. She seems to like what she does genuinely, so I kept her. Gillian does provide an excellent service, and great conversations made up for it, but still not a good enough reason for a second appointment.

Donna is not quite as her photos suggest, and I would say these pictures are a few years old. She was, however, charming, caring and friendly. Her English was fluent, and I enjoyed our conversation and time together. The apartment is clean and tidy, easy to find and has lots of parking. One of London's stars, but please update your pictures! I hope Donna earns the success she deserves and wish her all the best. 

Beautiful young escort and great company. She has good English, not perfect but manageable, and she tries to please. Her place was tiny but nice and clean and tidy. Service was excellent, and the overall experience is up there with some of the best I've seen so far. X

 I did originally request an English girl, but I was late booking, and none were available at that time. Gabriella was suggested to me along with some other ladies, and I was assured their English was perfect. I booked Gabriela for dinner followed by time back at my hotel, and I'm happy to say she was a first-class companion. I asked her to dress accordingly, and she did so beautifully. She was elegant and charming throughout the whole evening. This agency delivers every time. The girls are always delightful. Well done.

Ok, this is my first time using Park Lane agency. I told them to send me a good one. I'll stick with an agency for the future. I tend to go by recommendations. They selected Maya based on my requirements, and she looked hot in a simple green dress and boots. I knew instantly she would be a good one. Something about how she smiled as she came in seemed to fit right in. They did an excellent job choosing this one for me. A good start. She was polite and friendly from the get-go, and she was attentive to my needs throughout. I wouldn't say her service was up there with the best, a few restrictions and not into kissing, but everything else was done with enthusiasm. I was told she gets excellent feedback, and I completely understand why. If you want good looks, decent service and a genuinely lovely girl, she's a must-see.

Well, I found the perfect girl for a sex-crazed, fussy maniac like me :) After wasting so much money in the past on terrible punts, this is one of the few times I felt thrilled with the service. Kenya was as good as they get and glad to do this job. Great attitude, pretty, sexy, extra services and toys available and relaxing and easy to get on with. Loved her! 

Delta was pleasant, but not for me. We had a great conversation and a glass of wine, but the service was too restricting, and she didn't provide some basic things. It was too fussy for my liking and made the whole experience slightly uncomfortable. I'm not a pushy person and would never expect a lady to do something she wasn't comfortable with, but there is a lot Delta isn't keen on doing. I want to say I had a wonderful time with this beautiful escort, but overall, I was a little disappointed. 

What a tremendous girl to spend a couple of hours with today and as beautiful as her pictures. It is great fun with few restrictions and an abundance of energy. I would love to see her again!

Gorgeous Tamsin, that petite body, little boobs, sexy appeal on another level kind of girl. Intelligent and with a great attitude. When Tamsin opened her door, I was instantly pleased by her beauty and warm welcome. The service was flawless and always customer-oriented. This girl has everything - great attitude, fit, toned body and a beautiful face, easy to get along with, eager to please and good communication. Treat her well, and you will be rewarded in return. Give to receive, she likes it, and believe me, it's worth it - She turns it up a gear when she's pleased. Phenomenal!!!

She was a good one to see; good location, looked nice and was polite and friendly. I'm never let down by the receptionists, and it's nice to see this agency keeps recruiting new ladies. Bambi isn't the best they have, and I have seen better-looking escorts for the same price, but she was very attentive and she worked hard to make me happy. 

Emmy is the sweetest and the sexiest I've met so far. My time spent with her was short but such a memorable experience nonetheless. Passionate, attentive, intelligent, amazing body and those breasts are something else!! Gorgeous female with eyes you could drown in. She made me feel exceptional, and I would highly recommend her for at least a couple of hours. Thanks, and hopefully, I'll see you again very soon. Mark 

She was very good at keeping me happy. Apart from romantic talk, we indulged in kissing and cuddling. It was a splendid experience with Bianca.

I visited her with my mate last night. He went with her friend, and I stayed with Jody. They have a spacious flat, so it was ideal for both of us. It was my first time with this agency, and they recommended two great girls, so I'm very impressed. We both got exactly what we asked for, and Jody was better than I expected her to be—beautiful and natural and had excellent skills. I have no idea how long I ended up staying in the end; it's all a bit of a blur. My bank balance has taken a bashing, but it was 100% worth it for such a brilliant night.

We went on an actual date, and she was terrific. She dressed as requested and looked as beautiful as ever in jeans and a simple shirt. We both dined, then retired to my hotel for the evening, where her performance was out of this world. I should leave it there, but needless to say, she was fantastic!! Movie - 6/10, Dinner - 8/10, Company - 10/10

Jemima was so good! It's 100% naughty and an excellent choice. Thank you!

It was not the best experience I've had with an escort, but she wasn't bad at all. It was my first time with one of the cheaper girls, and I had visions of getting there, but she was not looking at all like her pictures. To be fair, she's very nice-looking, and I can't fault her. She's slim, has nice little breasts, and she's in good shape, tight and toned. Unfortunately, her service was a little disappointing. I found her in a hurry to end the session, with no real engagement. Unconvincing moaning, and it all felt a bit awkward. Cheap isn't always cheerful, it would seem. I will be back, but it will be to sample someone else next time. Btw, the receptionist was very good again, always at this agency. You set the bar very high, but India doesn't quite hit it.

She was excellent company from the moment she arrived. Eveline was warm and friendly, full-on fun and enjoyable to be with. It's one of the best I have seen and worth reviewing. To sum her up - she is a top girl, very professional, very, very pretty and sexy as hell—effortless charm and is addictive. I can see myself getting much more familiar with this one... 

Wendelin was excellent, friendly, warm and sexy, with a beautiful smile and great attitude. She is even more gorgeous in person, and what you see in these pictures is the actual escort here. She provided a fantastic GFE, and I can't wait to go back and see her again. Thank you again for a wonderful time.

Great escort and extremely beautiful. Fun with a good sense of humour and a fantastic ass. I will go back.

If you want a tender and exciting encounter with a sweet, good-looking escort, make an appointment with Josephine!

Thanks, darling. I´ll be back before long.

I am writing this review in the hope that Jana will read it. I met her a long time ago under a different name at a different agency but didn't recognise her because she looks so different now. But she still remembered me! Jana, I loved every second with you. One hour felt like only 5 minutes. Too quick! You made my day perfect, and I hope you enjoyed being with me as much as I enjoyed being with you.

I had a fantastic experience with Florence, really 10+ on service. She didn't hold back and enjoyed it as much as I did. Fun-loving, sweet and sexy. Thank you!!

Well, Candy was an absolute delight - in and out of bed. That body, great boobs and her very responsive, delicious p__. A man's dream in one sexy package. It was a pleasure to spend time with her, and I think she didn't have a bad time herself either, as she seemed to fully enjoy her time with me. I couldn’t get my hands (or mouth) off her. Splendid!!

One of the best so far. As it says in her bio, she has a great body and is very attractive, and I can 100% confirm it. Fleur has an exotic look and is very striking. It's all in her eyes and smile for me and she ticks these boxes perfectly. She arrived on time, looking amazing in a tight-fitted dress and heels, and more than satisfied me during the 2 hours we spent together. She's a little shy and still learning English, yet she's a wonderful company, and she has shot up my list of best escorts to see. This won't be the last time she gets a call from me in the middle of the night. 

My second visit and it got even better than the first. Absolutely stunning and photos are spot on. Performance is off the chart. Such a beautiful, fun personality and outgoing. This girl is incredible. Will only be seeing Philomena now. Most of the others aren't anywhere near this good.

Excellent experience. Haven is beautiful, has a super body and is easy company.  All services and extras delivered. Recommend.

She is a lovely girl, easy on the eye and very accommodating in the bedroom. I enjoyed my time immensely and will visit again when I'm next in London. Many thanks, x

Adelyn came to see me. As soon as she arrived, I felt completely comfortable with her. She's very friendly, jaw-droppingly beautiful and very, very, very sexy! Her service was second to none, with no rushing, and she was happy to be pleasured in return. She has a delicious body, and I would recommend her highly.

Kind regards, Jimmy Xx

I wanted a lady who lived up to my expectations. She did. I was a little late, but she did not compromise my hour, and I had a fabulous time. Taylor is very sexy, and I would love to see her again.

I would love to see Holly again. She honestly gave me one of the best hours of my life! Compared to some other girls I've seen before, she had few limits, and along with being naughty in the bedroom, she's also a lovely lady. She didn't rush me out of the door at the end and even offered me a cup of tea before I left. Perfect!

Yep, Faye is that beautiful. I was pretty speechless when she opened the door. I booked her at the last minute, and what a bit of luck! Fantastic, amazing body, slim, tan, toned, lovely face. I rarely revisit girls, but I plan to meet her again this week. Tnx Park lane

We had a wonderful evening, and thankfully, Effie is stunning, speaks excellent English, educated, charming and polite. After dinner, she was sensational in the bedroom, leading the way and taking complete control. 10/10. All had great fun. x

Jennifer was recommended by the agency because she was available in the vicinity, so I went to see her. The flat number was given to me on arrival. Jennifer greeted me at the door looking amazing and beautifully dressed. After a friendly welcome, we started with a body-to-body massage followed by what I can only describe as a session and a half! This girl has a lot of stamina, and I'm pretty sure she could have gone on for hours more had I stayed longer. The best service I've had with an escort so far!

This young lady was magic. Her personality was fantastic, her body an absolute gift, and for me, she was the epitome of perfection. I don't write reviews for anything, but an exception had to be made for an exceptional experience and an extraordinary lady. Thank you!

Where do I start? Elsey was beautiful - hair down, a little cleavage on show and looking good enough to eat. Fantastic start! I was offered a drink, we sorted out the payment, we had a little chit-chat, and I was not rushed. She was lovely company, and she certainly knew how to fulfil; I appreciated getting to know her a little first before she invited me into the bedroom. I can confirm she was terrific! Although I only booked an hour, it was enough time. Elsey is excellent and enjoys herself, too. Escorts like this are few and far between sometimes and this one was well worth the visit. Thank you, just what I needed.

This girl is even better in the flesh, and she wore the same sexy outfit she has on in her profile pictures. Trust me,  Capri is even more stunning in real life! I cannot believe she's not one of their more expensive escorts. As long as she is within my price range, I'm not complaining. This may become a habit ;)

Carla was fantastic and the real girl-next-door type. I only went for an hour but she is so damn hypnotic I ended up spending most of the night there. It was the best fun I've had in a long time, and I felt totally at home in your company. Thank you, Carla. You honestly couldn't do enough for me, and you even popped into the shop when I wanted some cigarettes. You're an angel for putting up with me for the night. I had an amazing time! Jake x

Grace went out to satisfy me, and I was undoubtedly her centre of attention. There is no clock watching and plenty of stuff to keep us entertained. I've seen escorts that are geared up, but Grace had toys and outfits to suit any fantasy, and pretty much anything goes. Plus, she's a charming person to get to know, which was a nice added touch. Her body is womanly with nice feminine curves, and there was enough of her to squeeze and enjoy for my liking. I'm not into these skinny ones, so Grace was perfect. She is professional in what she does, and you feel refreshed and like you got your money's worth. This one is for us real men, lol.

All in all, I was thrilled. She is an excellent escort, pleasing to the eye, and knows her stuff. What more do you want?

Best hour I have spent in a long time and well worth the money. Charming, sexy and great 110% happy

I thank the Agency for their honesty in finding exactly what I was after this time. I went to see the beautiful Eva 2 days ago; she was fantastic! She is naturally beautiful and friendly. I recommend very highly if you like a friendly beauty and a service with a smile.

I went to see Izzy for 2 hours last night; she was fantastic! She has a nice natural body and looked amazing dressed up in her lingerie for me on arrival. This girl put on a great show to get things started - eye-popping and arousing! Quite the start to a superb evening, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a sexy date who knows exactly what she's doing.

I have just been to see Sally and promised I would leave a review... More of a personal note to her, as I wanted to say a big thank you for being such excellent company. I enjoyed our chats, and I honestly was not expecting to find such a nice person doing this today. You are a credit to the agency, Sally; attractive and sexy, and I wish you all the best. See you very soon. J x

I loved the way she was dressed for the occasion; she was very sexy, my type exactly, naughty enough to get my blood pumping and still looked like a lady. She has gorgeous hair down her back, and when she had nothing on, she's a beautiful sight. I will be seeing her again; she was an absolute killer in the bedroom. It was sweaty, it was sweet, and it was sexy!! That's all I'll say...

The most beautiful escort yet. Smiling, very friendly, and so easygoing. Thanks for a fantastic time.

Yep, that'll do nicely. A perfect hour spent with the delightful Vicky. She instantly stood out in her profile for me. Good-looking, had nice natural breasts and was recommended by the receptionists, so it was a no-brainer: convenient location, which was easy to find and excellent booking service. Vicky herself was perfect. I could't have asked for more. Thank you again, I loved it!

Fabulous, and Alana certainly knew her stuff. There is no need to teach her how to please a man when this one will do almost anything. Understand - she is in complete control but has few restrictions, which helps. There was no need to ask her to do something; she was already on it. A massage after the act was also an excellent way to wind down. There is no time-wasting here, and it is the best experience ever with an escort who enjoys it, too. Thank you, Alana!

It was my first experience with an escort, and very weird for me, but she made me feel completely relaxed from the moment I met her. The service was excellent; I definitely will come back when I'm in London. I think she is not as attractive as in her photos, but she was very friendly, and for me that is more important. 

I would see Iris again tomorrow if I could; excellent escort and I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone who will let you take your time and not rush you. She enjoyed pleasuring me as much as I did her, and I felt like there was a real connection. I stayed longer than the hour, but she didn't try to charge me extra and was happy for me to use the shower before I left. The service was fantastic, and Iris is much prettier than her edited photographs on the website. Back to the office with a smile now.... ;)

A lovely, friendly girl who really makes an effort to connect with you. She looks like her pictures, and her service is outstanding. There was lots of eye contact and smiling; very sexy. I am no oil painting, but she made me feel attractive, and she is also very caring. Thank you for being so nice to me. xx

I've actually had the pleasure of meeting Betty before but this is the first time I've got around to leaving a review. Firstly, she is warm, sincere, extremely attractive and always full of energy. I can safely say you won't be disappointed with a visit. Thank you so much. Always a pleasure and always an angel xx

Far better than expected. The most beautiful eyes, young fit body, tanned, sexy and fun.... what more could a man want??
Excellent service all around, and one to see again! Thank you, Lottie!!

Octavia is one of a kind. I was in shock at how beautiful she was. So much so that she had to take the lead (and did so exceptionally). I had a great hour with the fantastic brunette, and I can't wait to see her again.

For a boob man, this lady was great. For me, she was spot on with her service also. She pleased me no end and even did a little strip tease for me tailored to my requests. I could've spent hours with her, but I had to return to work. I'm back at the office and still smiling now :)

Incredible escort and first class experience from start to finish - nice to find an agency that delivers exactly what it says it will.

Ruby is a genuinely exceptional girl. Beautiful, with a perfect body and flawless skin. She looks great in her photos; in the flesh, she will blow you away! However, if that wasn't enough, the most beautiful part of her is her incredibly passionate, caring and relaxing character—an incredible experience. Thanks, and have a great time back home. I hope to see you when you get back. x

Wow, what a surprise: she is so sexy and charming, with a beautiful body and friendly attitude, and she makes you feel comfortable. She knows the secret of the pleasure. Just try with no regret: I will stay longer next time.

Super-busty, super-friendly and super sweet. This is the best escort in London. Thanks, babe xxx

Wow! Amazing!!! Best hour of my life!

Harmony was certainly a very talented young lady, and she didn't lack confidence. I haven't used this escort agency before now, but I'll definitely be using them again in future. The receptionist was wonderful and helpful. I like escorts with a fuller figure but still attractive and not too old, and she knew exactly who to recommend. Harmony has a very nice flat close to the station and when I couldn't find it the receptionist stayed on the phone and guided me to the door. This agency is really one of the better ones. I was very happy with the whole service, and Harmony was perfect. Great escort and a top-notch service.

Prompt on arrival and beautifully dressed. Gloria stayed for the full hour and didn't disappoint one bit, she even shared a shower with me before she left. Fantastic escort and very friendly. Well worth every penny.

I loved my time with Linda yesterday. She is an absolutely amazing girl! She knows how to treat a man the right way and was very polite and easy to get along with. After a very bad day, I needed this. Within minutes of meeting her, I had forgotten everything negative. This job is really for you, without any doubt. Linda is 100% made to please. Thank you, sweetheart.

The pictures on the website are accurate. She's naturally pretty, and I loved her sexy accent.  Business side sorted, showered, mouthwash provided and used.  I had a fantastic time and would love to return and see Skye again shortly. She has a lovely way about her and made the whole experience very relaxing. Thank you!

Georgie was prompt, looked terrific and was dressed beautifully for an outcall visit in a fitting dress and high boots. Service with a smile and nothing off limits. I enjoyed every inch of her. 10 out of 10

I booked a visit to the Hilton Heathrow, and the charges were reasonable considering I also had to pay for her travel costs. A minimum of 2 hours was required because I wasn't in central London. It's a bit of a risk, but I couldn't find many options to come to me, so I went with it. I didn't know if I'd like the lady, and I hadn't used this agency before, but Poppy arrived in good time, well groomed and looking fabulous. She was also very naughty and provided the most intimate and passionate time I've had with an escort. It was worth the whole 2 hours with her, and I probably would have extended it anyway. I want to thank both Poppy and the Agency. Thank you for providing a tired older man with an unforgettable stop over at LHR.

Very sweet and attractive girl—the Pictures are real. She has a tender, soft touch, and I would recommend and repeat her. The place is a little to be desired, but it is safe and clean.

She was such a nice girl and, seeing her in her birthday suit, my heart was jogging! When she engages in conversation and smiles, her face lights up. She speaks near-perfect English - we managed fine. Amusing, playful and intelligent too. And yes, she does have the ideal body! She seemed to enjoy her time, always keeping eye contact with her fantastic IP skills and ensuring pleasure is your reward. Melissa loves receiving and tastes delicious; she will remain in my memory forever. She's just adorable, and I will be back for sure. Thank you xx

She is a stunning girl with genuine catwalk model looks and figures. Simply put, she is a package girl who truly offers the girlfriend experience. I hadn't experienced this until I'd spent time with Helen. Missing you already!!!!

Toni was delightful and very charming from the moment I arrived. She does seem quite young, but I found her to be one of the most professional and passionate encounters I've had, and this was my first time with this agency. Nice flat, easy to find and secure and a very friendly service right from the start, better than the average in my opinion. The perfect girlfriend experience with lots of kissing and cuddling. Watching her on top was a dream and something I'll be back to experience again very soon. Cheers!

Summer is very pretty and possibly one of the sexiest escorts I've been entertained by this year. An added bonus is her great personality. :) She likes kissing, receiving, and taking it slow (another plus). She is a true girlfriend-type escort if ever there was one. Thankfully, she was as good as I'd hoped and as sexy as she appears in the gallery (not always the case). Thank you, Summer. You made my day. 

The level of intelligence Fryda possesses is truly remarkable, and her unique charm is nothing short of enchanting. I was immediately drawn to her captivating personality, which seemed to effortlessly exude confidence, kindness, and wit. It was clear to me that she had a wisdom that transcended their age, and her cuteness only added to their magical allure. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by Fryda. Thank you for a lovely afternoon.

She is everything and more a man could wish for in a high-class escort. Her looks with a warm personality, the most beautiful eyes and a body that wouldn't have looked out of place on the cover of GQ. When you are intimate with her, she's a dream! I will be booking her again, and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you, Wanda, for your time and being such a darling. You are 1 in a million.

This was my first time with an escort and she couldn't have been more perfect if she tried. Coral was gentle, sensual and actually lots of fun. I found her to be very sweet and a really lovely person to get to know. I stayed for 3 hours!!

This girl was even better in the flesh than she is in those pictures, and that's saying something. Plus, she wore the same sexy outfit in her profile picture, as requested. Stunning in real life and a must-see! I cannot believe she was well within my price range - this could become a weekly thing for me :)))

She is a lovely girl with a super figure, and she indeed looks better than the pictures. It is highly recommended.

Best hour of my life!

Well, where do I start...This lady is smashing! From the time I met Devon to the time I left, she made me feel like I was the only man on the planet. Be a gentleman to this super hot, sexy lady, and she will make you feel like a king. Not only is she so sexy and has a body to die for, but she has the brains to go with it.  I want to thank Park Lane and Mayfair Agency for their excellent organisation.

Unbelievable!! Accurate, stunning and a great attitude. You could book her for a week, but it wouldn’t be long enough. Blossom was beautiful inside and out. What a fun, compassionate, sexy and intelligent young lady. This girl is special.

Priti provided an unparalleled level of service with her charm, passion, and wit. One of her key attributes that set her apart from the status quo was her interest in conversing/interacting and really getting on the same wavelength. Thanks again for a fantastic evening.

Nadine was every bit as beautiful as she appeared to be in her photographs, but she lacked personality. Her English is good, but she arrived very late without an apology. Only because she was looking fabulous in jeans and a bright jacket did I not cancel. She didn't rush me and ended up staying longer than I'd booked her for without extra charge, which made up for the bad start. O was better than average, and she's a little fussy about kissing these things that I would expect as usual for this service, especially for the price. She was good but not great and a little unprofessional, in my opinion. Service overall is 7/10. She's not bad, but it's not worth booking again.

Besides the obvious that immediately stands out on her profile, Sasha is also very friendly and charming. She's passionate and happy to receive it. Trust me, you'll want to give when you see her in her underwear. When she's sexy and horny, it's a lethal combination. I stayed well over my hour, but she was happy for me to continue. I will be seeing this here again. Watch out!!

You know you have made the right choice when you come out from seeing an escort and can't wait to make your next booking to see her again. Either she is just very good at what she does, or we had amazing chemistry. Either way, I'm delighted I met her. A quality service!!! 

Ines was beautiful and very friendly, too. Great fun, a lovely smile and a gorgeous persona. I spent 1 hour with her. I was a little bit nervous, but she made me feel comfortable from the minute I got there. It is nice, flat and easy to find. Ines speaks excellent English and is a lot of fun to be with. Thanks! x

Thanks for a wonderful hour! I hope to see you soon, xx

Naughty and nice! Such a lovely escort to spend time with. The chat and cuddle afterwards were almost as good as what went before. I would recommend it to everyone. Hope to see her again.

Ursula was perfect, and she knew what she was doing. Great tits, a good vibe, excellent company, good kisser. It made me feel at ease, and I can't wait to book again!

Another unforgettable experience with Lorena. She is always on form with a great personality and is so much fun to be around. I would spend every day with her only if I were more affluent. Thank you!

Kelly is one of the genuine diamonds in the rough, and I could not have had a better time with her; she is an incredible blonde with lovely skills and scorching looks.

I had a fantastic time with Brooke. She is a unique, busty brunette with a stunning body and a pretty face like her photos. To top it off, she is very skilful, and my time with her was enjoyable and worth it—a 9 out of 10 from me.

Jade was great fun and full of ideas. She's a little pricey compared to what I have paid in the past but it was worth every penny. She was willing to do practically anything I asked. Absolutely amazing!

Sexy as hell and ready to party all night. Need I say more? Larissa was everything I needed, and more. Great body and the best bum in the business. She also took care of me, even arranging my taxi home. First-class girl xx

Erin deserves the 10/10's she gets. She is stunning with beautiful skin and eyes. She made me feel relaxed with her gentle humour and personality. She was so passionate about everything else, eager to please, and she did everything I wanted her to. The 2 hours just flew by. I wish I lived closer to London because I would see her again instantly. I'd say she's in her mid-20s and not really Italian, but not an issue, and she was delightful. Thanks beautiful X

Ellie was very nice from the moment I met her—perfect curvy body with big, natural breasts and tons of energy. I saw her in the morning, so maybe that explains her stamina. She certainly tired me out and gave me a great morning workout. I do not need to go to the gym this evening :)))

Damn!! Sabrina was pretty incredible, not to mention lovely looking, too. Her skills are exceptional, and she takes time to learn what you like. The oral was spot on, and a nice touch was the body-to-body massage to finish. Sexiest massage I've had to date. Sabrina, I had a great evening with you. Thank you for your time. Steve x

This lady is by far the best, best manners, best figure, best performance. Noelle is probably one of the best-looking escorts in London, completely naturally stunning. She was warm, fun and went out of her way to please me. Her style is spot-on, and she's in perfect shape. She is great to look at from every angle, and she is naughty as hell when she gets down to it. Sexy, stylish and stunning sums Noelle up nicely x

Yolanda was a charming lady. Her beauty was breathtaking, with stunning facial features, sparkling eyes, and a captivating smile. She exuded an air of relaxation and elegance that added to her charm. Her style was impeccable, and she always carried herself with an air of class and confidence that made her even more attractive. But what truly set her apart was her joyful and cheerful personality. She had a zest for life that was infectious, and her positive attitude was truly inspiring. Being in her company was a pleasure, and I always felt uplifted and energised around her.

Vogue exceeded my expectations; to top it off, she is one lovely girl. What a strikingly beautiful female with a body made for this job. For sure, she has a personality to be remembered fondly, and her kissing was out of this world. To sum her up - friendly, kind, gentle and ever so sexy!!!

Sweet Brazilian girl, very pretty and full of life. Curves are sexy; she is very vibrant and energetic. She also has a lovely ascent and a beautiful smile. She gave me all the attention I could ask for.

Gail is a gorgeous brunette girl with natural breasts and a top-notch body. She welcomed me with a smile, an excellent natural feeling GFE experience. Almost nothing was off bounds. I will see her again—a good recommendation from Park Lane and Mayfair.

Once again, Madison was faultless. She has a perfect figure, and in the most exquisite lingerie she met me at the door in, she looked a million dollars. She is understated, natural, beautiful and sensual. She loves receiving attention but is happy to treat you like a king if you wish. She is unbelievable, and she seems to adjust to your pace and sensitivity effortlessly. Finally, her ass. My god, what an ass she has. Watching her move gracefully and seductively around the room with her butt framed by her black thong and stockings was a sight I could admire for hours on end. 

I wasn't prepared!! Miley greeted me at the door, looking immaculate. Stunning, better than her photos - body, eyes, smile, everything... Excellent English, amusing conversation, cheeky, playful and delivered everything I wanted and more. I didn't know they could be this good. Top escort and understandably in the high price bracket. Many thanks again!

Honey is incredibly rare in this game. She tops it for me in every way - beautiful and fit body and that smile oh la la, friendliest escort I have met and excellent manners. I've been around the block a few times, and I can't seem to get enough of these girls, but Honey and her service were the best so far. She was out of this world good, so be nice to her folks!

Sweet, young, slim, beautiful girl. Very nice and easy to talk to, very hygienic. Thank you for your time today. As usual, prompt, reliable service from Park Lane and Mayfair A+

Unbelievable. Don’t even pause to consider. Young, fit and up for it. Truly special.

A radiantly beautiful young lady. Very friendly, easy to get on with and stunning performance - I’ll be back.

Paola is one fantastic girl. She is a lovely young brunette who's got some pretty unique curves. She took excellent care of me and was determined to satisfy me; I liked her, including her personality. She was very communicative and made the most of our time together

It is a pleasure to be the first one to give her a review. Heidi is very pretty and WILD with a very engaging nature. She was excellent company, and I can confirm she enjoys what she does. Make her smile, and she will reward you. I enjoyed being with her, and every minute was engaging and fun; she knew how to please a man. Most of all, he made sure I had a great time. I will see her again soon. A pleased customer highly recommended her.

Great personality and a beautiful body. I felt relaxed and welcomed. No rush. Recommended. I will return.

She was very nice. Beautiful. So sexy. So attentive.

Priscilla, without a doubt, will always be a firm favourite of mine. There's always a big and honest smile for me at the door when I arrive! Seriously, she makes my day every time I see her. Nothing is ever too much for her; she's always very kind to me and good fun to be with. I recommend booking for a few hours so you can chill together.

What can I say - my meeting with Lola was a magical experience - like a dream come true! I was swept off my feet, and she could easily be a model. I felt very lucky to be with her. Everything about Lola is irresistible -  good looks, multiple positions (all with skill and experience), cute smile, friendly. She was also very positive and nice to talk to.

Best wishes to you and see you again next time. x

Another compelling visit to the gorgeous Latifa (not her real name, of course). What more can be said that has not been written in her reviews? This most recent visit went so quickly That I booked to stay a little longer. She is the girlfriend you all dream of having, trust me that. For regular clients like myself, she's also willing to knock the price a bit if you extend your time. She ticks all the right boxes for an elite escort - looks, personality, sexiness, passion and extra services on offer if you want to get a little bit more adventurous. And best of all, it's always delivered with that gorgeous smile.

I had an incredible experience with Queenie. She was truly remarkable and exuded passion, friendliness, and fun throughout our time together. Every moment spent with her was filled with genuine excitement and joy that made the entire experience unforgettable. All in all, it was a brilliant hour that left me feeling grateful and enriched.

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Online reviews are suitable for any business that wants to keep control of its reputation. After all, studies have created a new form of marketing and communication. However, it’s not enough to set up an escort review section and let it work for itself. It’s also essential that any negative comments are addressed, and issues are dealt with quickly. Negative reviews happen to any business, after all. Therefore, we need to ensure the problem is resolved so it doesn’t happen again.

The main reason why reviewing escorts is essential to escort agencies is because it helps increase business. For example, it’s a way for clients to get the information they need before they book. In other words, it enables them to make the right decision when choosing an escort. People are much more likely to book an escort that others have already recommended. Online reviews and escort ratings can tell us whether we are doing well. They can also help us recognise what we are doing wrong and how to improve our service. By quickly and efficiently resolving an issue, we can create a positive experience for the consumer. As a result, this allows us to serve our clients better.

 The Benefits Of Client Reviews

Escort reviews do much more than create a better relationship between our agency and clientele. Reviews and escort ratings work towards improving the website’s ranking on search engines, too. Positive feedback is very good for any business. It keeps working long after the escort’s review has been posted and gives a constant positive image to potential clients. This continual brand awareness can benefit escort agencies in the short term and for the long time. The vast majority of our customers read online reviews before booking a service.

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How To Guarantee Genuine Escort Feedback

Some clients are a little sceptical about agency escort reviews and their authenticity. Therefore, you may be interested to know that many independent escort review websites are also available. These websites are not linked to any agencies and have registered clients, so their reviews cannot be faked by any escorts trying to boost her popularity. Some may argue they can, but it’s easy to spot fake reviewing guards a mile away. Independent sites know this too well and quickly ban any user who tries to manipulate them.

Most independent escort ratings websites are free and anonymous, and any good agency should have a number of their girls reviewed at any one time on them. This is good news for clients, escorts and genuine agencies like ourselves. We have been active on all significant independent escort review websites for several years. We recommend signing up with at least one of these websites if you’re a regular escort user. You may well review our companions there, which also helps bring visitors to our website. It’s a win-win situation but also about helping you make the right choice. After all, a genuine review website can help you decide which girl would suit you best, or indeed, from which escort agency you want to book her.

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