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Curvy Escorts In London

Do men like escorts with curves? The answer is undoubted yes, based on the number of bookings our curvy girls get. Men clearly like women with curves in all the right places, and there is no debating this fact. In fact, for most men, the curvier a female is, the sexier she is. After all, curves are physical traits that differentiate a man from a woman. Men are attracted to curvy women with larger busts and shapely hips simply because they were born to.

Our curvy escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair are proud of their femininity and womanly shape. Larger hips in women are linked with fertility and overall health. Therefore, men have always been drawn to these voluptuous women. There is a natural sexual attraction when a man sees a girl with a curvy figure. So, if curves are your thing, browse our escort gallery for your favourite fun-figured companion.

We are a discrete and highly specialised agency providing a very selective choice of high-class escorts. Our curvy escorts have been hand-picked, are of the best calibre and are available for immediate bookings throughout London.

What Is Escort Curve Appeal?

One of the main reasons so many men choose our delicious curvy escorts is because they have a whole lot extra to play with. This can be extremely enjoyable in the bedroom department. In other words, curvy women are just more fun because you have more to grab onto. Curvy ladies have more to explore and have fun with. Curvy girls are also softer to cuddle up to. Nothing is better than snuggling up to a fuller-figured female after a hard day's work. Men like comfort too, and curvy escorts are the perfect answer, simply because they are warm and cosy.

Women who have more meat on their bones tend to look healthier in a man's eye. They have more curves and tend to have larger breasts; we all know how much men love big boobs. Many men are obsessed with boobs; the bigger they are, the better. Our curvy escorts are all on the busty side, and as they've matured, so have their bodies. While they retain their sexy curves, they've also developed a more prominent and fuller bust. So, if you love to explore a woman with large breasts, our curvy escorts are the way to go.

Why Bigger Girls Have Lots Of Confidence?

Many full-figured girls are very confident, which increases the overall sex appeal. Confidence can be a considerable aphrodisiac, and our girls have it. If you want an escort with total confidence in her appearance, we will always recommend a lady from our curvy gallery. When a female feels good about herself, you can guarantee she will be fun and adventurous. A woman who can show off her beautiful curves in a fitted elegant dress is more appealing to any man. It shows confidence and is way more attractive to men.

Our society, for years, has gravitated more towards promoting skinnier girls as the ideal body type. As a result, most young girls like to try to stay slim. However, women are usually more like men's ideals than they realise. Skinny models are quite different from the body type men typically find the most attractive. In a man's eye, women should have voluptuous curves because they should look more feminine than men. While we might think our tummy is too big or our bodies are too soft, men believe the opposite. Most men love natural curves and a lady with a bit of shape. A curvy body is a sign of classic beauty, so if you've got it, flaunt it. A curvy woman is timeless; while some women might believe the opposite, think again.

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