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Most people that go for our higher priced escorts do so because they are at the top of their game. These ladies are more stylish, elegant, beautiful and confident that you’re averaged priced escort. Our £500+ escorts gallery is full of only the finest companions available in London. These elite ladies are booked by high profile clients who really know the difference when it comes to top quality companions. Our expensive escorts in London possess specific qualities like model looks, professionalism, sophistication and elegance. In addition to this, they are also experts in the field of entertaining the discerning gentleman. If it’s class and beauty you’re after , then our expensive escorts agency gallery is where you should start your search.

There is a perception that has to be maintained for many businessmen and our elite ladies know this. This also extends to their choice in female companion. Being booked by these clients on a regular basis is what allows our top escorts to become experts in their field. Unsurprisingly, the best expensive escorts go to the best restaurants in London and stay in the most expensive hotels. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these executive companions become so good at what they do.

Looking The Part

How many men dream of dating a real life supermodel? Our escort agency in London caters to gentlemen who are used to the very best that everything life can offer. Many of our £500+ escorts work as fashion and lingerie models. Therefore, you can hire a girl who’s a catwalk regular and looks a million dollars in her underwear. These callgirls take the role of looking good for their clients very seriously. The escort industry is extremely competitive, and even more so in a city like London. So, to attract clients that are willing to pay top dollar, these girls need to look great at all times. Our high end companions hit the gym regularly, have beauty treatments and show off their figures in sexy designer clothes.

If a lady is to impress, then her appearance has to be absolutely perfect. These high end escorts often get invited to corporate events with their clients, or business trips and functions. This means that they have to be well versed on current affairs and art of entertaining. The one indication that you’re getting a top London companion is her price. The more expensive the escort, the better she is on every level. So, if you’re looking for a party escort to impress, these girls are second to none. This takes a lot of time and training to master the art of high end escorting and, to get the best, there are some areas where we shouldn’t skimp. Sometimes spending that bit more can make all the difference, and our expensive escorts are a perfect example of this.

 More For Your Money With Our Expensive Escorts

There are many things that set our expensive apart from other escorts, not least their stunning beauty and style. These ladies have the social grace and elegance that comes only with being the best. Therefore, if you want to receive a service which is above and beyond the normal standard, you should expect to pay a premium. All of our £500+ escorts are at the top of their game when it comes to high end companionship service. The title they carry for being expensive and exclusive is well deserved.

The cost of something in relation to one’s earnings differs from person to person. Therefore, labelling something as expensive is a subjective matter. Some may consider our top ladies as being expensive however given the social status of our clients, this is usually not the case. A more pricer escort won’t be doing back to back bookings. She’ll be seeing only a few clients each week, depending on how much money she wants to make. The most expensive escorts are in high demand and their availability is usually limited. It is possible that they won’t be available at short notice. Therefore, we highly recommend to check their availability with one of our receptionists and make a booking in advance.

Knowing The Difference

Our agency has long been the top choice for the best high end escorts from all over the world. Expensive escorts are choosy about who they work with and they look for reliable, honest and trustworthy agencies to work with. Park Lane & Mayfair is at the top of the game when it comes to luxury escort services. Therefore, we get to have the best expensive VIP escorts working with us. We bring together wealthy and discerning clients with the most intelligent and desirable young ladies in London.

Expensive escorts have more time on her hands to ensure they looks the part. Furthermore, unlike cheaper escorts, they don't see many clients each day so will always be keen to see you. To find the best expensive escorts in London, you need to go to the best agency, and ours is certainly that. With the most beautiful escort from all over the world and outstanding customer service, there's no need to go anywhere else. We provide highly memorable dates and make your booking experience as enjoyable as possible. Book our £500 escorts and notice the difference yourself.




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