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There are many reasons why our clients like to explore our couples escorts. Treating each other to a professional escort for the evening is a great way to turn your love life up a notch or two. You might be wanting to spice things up in the bedroom a bit or looking for new ideas and advice from one of our expert companions. However, if you’re entering this new realm of sexual experimentation, we advise you think it through carefully first.

Make sure you’re both totally comfortable with the idea and that you’re not doing it purely to please your partner. Unless both are really into the idea it’s quite usual to find that some form of persuasion is needed. This can lead to all kinds of negative feelings, not just of sexual jealousy but of betrayal and even anger. The last thing you should do is upset anyone, especially if one of you feels coerced into playing out the fantasy. In these cases, it’s probably best to just leave the threesome as a fantasy.

Setting Boundaries

As it turns out, adding to your love life is like any other aspect of a relationship and mainly involves talking, checking, and briefing. Many couples take part in some form of an open relationship these days. However, unless you’re participating in a singles threesome or acting as the third party yourself, you could do some serious damage to your relationship if you don’t take care. Everyone’s experiences are going to be very different but we strongly advise talking it through as a couple first. Many assumed that booking an escort for a threesome is how to live out a 'fantasy’ but the biggest reason is actually just down to curiosity.

Communication is key to avoiding a bad situation when hiring a couples escort. Whatever your reasons for booking a third companion, communication is by far the most important factor. Couples escorts sound fun, and they definitely can be, but you have to plan it right for it to work. For example, always make sure that the third person involved understands exactly what you want from the experience. Being open with each other ensures that everyone understands each others boundaries. The biggest mistake you can make is to jump into the experience without discussing things first. It’s very important that all three people involved are open and honest about what boundaries they have.

Double The Fun For Singles

We all know that having two lovers is so much more fun than interacting with one sexual partner. It’s your own personal fantasy, you’re the one creating the story. One thing about the threesome fantasy is that it can be extra exciting, especially if your real-life partner or lover is the focus of the action. It’s often seen as a way to breathe new life into a boring sex-life. But if you don’t have a partner and still want to experience the thrill of a threesome with two beautiful young ladies, we can still make that fantasy a reality. Often we find newly divorced and single men seeking to expand their sexual horizons and booking two ladies for a naughty threesome. Many of our ladies also work in duos with our male escorts, so if you’re in need of the perfect double act, you know where to come.


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