Park Lane & Mayfair

We all have secret desires that we would love to share, if only we could find the right person to appreciate them. Some of these desires are obtainable by money others require special equipment. Most of the time we know they will only ever be a figment of our imagination. So what happens when fantasy can become reality?

London escorts have a unique trait – they specialise in making dreams come true. They can fulfil a girlfriend experience or make a lunch break something more satisfying than a sandwich in the park; no request is too big or too small. The ultimate test of their abilities comes when the client has “special requirements”.’

Domination or submission fantasies are a binding contract between escort and client with a sub clause of trust. Boundaries must be set before the role play can begin and a safe word ensures that no rules are broken. This can be a regular arrangement or a one-off treat for the client. Some escorts are more adept and experienced than others so make sure you specify this when you book.

The girlfriend experience is something all elite escorts provide with aplomb. They absolutely adore spoiling their clients with kisses and sweet nothings – sometimes it can be hard to distinguish fantasy from reality. This is the simplest form of fantasy and can be enjoyed whether you have booked your London escort for an hour or a whole day. Believe us; it will usually result in a repeat booking you will both look forward to.

For obvious reasons there are fantasies your elite companion will refuse to indulge in. Anything that compromises her safety or is dangerous to you both will be declined. Please make sure you both know exactly what you are asking and how it will be expected to pan out.

For all terms and conditions of Park Lane and Mayfair and a biography of each escort, browse around our site or contact us 07811 160 160

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