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Are you a father who has unwittingly agreed to take a week off work to spend time with the kids? Are you bound for a sunny retreat somewhere, or worse still, will you spend a week in a confined space with the kids? Well, by the time the holiday ends, you’ll need some good company!

We know what it’s like. Although their mother constantly complains about them and how they don’t listen, etc., it’s worse for you. How? Well, you’re not used to it, that’s why.

When kids are playing up at home throughout the six-week summer holidays, it’s usually Mum who’s sorting it out. So you could say she’s a veteran! You, on the other hand, have no point of reference when it comes to mood swings, arguments, defiance, etc. You are out there on your own.

Even if yours are the worst-behaved children in the world, there are times when they’re tucked up in bed at night, and everything is quiet; you look at them sleeping and wonder why on earth you got so angry. They’re just kids, after all, and who knows? They’ll more than likely be looking after you one day! So, please don’t be too hard on them; make it a holiday they’ll want to remember.

You’ve likely managed to get through your week off if you’re reading this. Now, you need to search for your perfect Park Lane and Mayfair escorts to relieve your stresses and strains!

You’ve earned it! You have been in the trenches with your beloved children for a whole week or more, so when you get back to work in the city, book one of your favourite girls, kick back and have some adult fun.

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