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Only you know what you want for your birthday. That’s the truth of the matter isn’t it? You can drop hints about a new CD or a pair of shoes, or even something bigger and more expensive, but you can’t very well ask your friends and family to book you an escort for your birthday. And this is what you really want!

But it doesn’t mean you can’t have one for your birthday. Life is too short to put up with socks and hip flasks! Or worse still, one of those presents that someone has made specifically for you out of absolute rubbish, that they expect you to display with the same amount of pride as they put into its creation.

Booking escorts will put a smile on your face throughout all the boring relatives, the terrible party and the homemade present. Knowing that when you finish work the next day you’ll be going to visit one of our magnificent girls!

Your birthday is the perfect excuse to book high end escorts. No, we don’t mean tell your wife! We mean that if you do indeed decide to book one after work, you can tell your wife that the drinks you organised to have with friends after work, ran over time etc. And to cover your bases even more, make sure you do organise a drink after work with friends. You wouldn’t want to get caught out. Just make sure you cover your bases.

Perhaps you’re coming to London for a city break for your birthday? If you are staying in a hotel, you can call us up anytime and have us send a gorgeous high end escort round to see you. All the girls are highly professional and they all love hotel visits. We speculate that it’s something to do with the nice big beds, the room service and those bathrooms. If you get a suite, you’re in for a really good time.

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