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At first glance it might appear that a football match is not the kind of place to take your escort companion. However, many of our elite London escorts love the atmosphere generated by the fans of some of the top London football clubs and it can be a great experience for both you and your date. As the vast majority of escorts working with escort agencies in London are either British or European, they’ve grown up surrounded by football and many love nothing better than cheering on their favourite teams.

Of course, with all the publicity surrounding the top players and their equally glamorous partners, many escorts love the idea of being involved in this increasingly glamorous sport, even if it is only as a spectator. So if you’re planning to book one of our lovely London escort girls, why not invite her along to one of the capital’s football matches before you settle down for an evening with your date?

Luckily, as the capital city, London is home to some great football clubs; the Premiership clubs of Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea immediately spring to mind. Of course if you want to watch a match at any of these clubs, it could prove rather difficult to get a ticket, so you need to book well in advance. Unless you have extremely good connections, seats at weekend matches can be incredibly difficult to get hold of, not to mention expensive. Plus, to really make a good impression on your date, you don’t really want to sit among the general fans, but need to have access to one of the private boxes! While the escorts at escorts have great social skills, they don’t really want to spend an afternoon wedged in between the ardent season ticket holders. And she probably won’t thank you for having to listen to their footballs chants either.

If you do plan to take your escort to a football match, the best option is look for corporate hospitality invitations. Often, if you’re in London on business, you’ll be able to find business associates who sponsor corporate hospitality boxes at the top London football grounds. This means that you’ll get to watch the football in comfort, amongst people who love to party just as much as they love to watch football and, of course, you’ll be treated to all kind of complimentary champagne, cocktails and nibbles. We can guarantee that your escort will more than appreciate being given such a treat. Whether you book our high class escorts for outcalls or in-calls, taking them to a football match is one sure fire way to get them in the mood! Now this may sound strange, but just think about it. Not only are they getting to rub shoulders with some of the glamorous people in London, but they’ll be treated to all kinds of goodies, such as the champagne and canapé’s, plus they’ll get to watch a whole bunch of hunky men in shorts running around.

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