Park Lane & Mayfair

If you do fancy taking one of our London party girl escorts to a casino, don’t forget you’ll need to dress the part and you can be sure that all our party girl escorts will be dressed up to the nines too.

Following the euphoria of a win, or the disappointment if you lose, it’ll be time to perk up your spirits in one of the many London nightclubs. There’s a great choice in London, from world famous clubs such as Annabel’s and 2 & 8, in Mayfair to high end clubs such as Raffles and Boujis in Chelsea. These are the haunts of the super-rich who come here to find female companionship, drink expensive champagne and listen to the tracks played by some of the hippest DJs around. Should you find yourself heading to one of these clubs without a partner, why not cut out all the hassle and simply call up one of our Chelsea escorts? You’ll be the envy of all the guys in the club when you turn up with one of our gorgeous escorts on your arm. Of course, entrance to Annabel’s and 2 & 8 is so sought after that you’re unlikely to gain access unless your name is on the list, or have influential friends or acquaintances.

When the party’s over and it’s time to sleep, make sure you’ve got a room booked at the Dorchester or The Savoy. These opulent hotels are favoured by the rich and famous and provide the perfect place to recharge your batteries. With ultra-luxurious surroundings and a selection of beautifully appointed suites, these renowned hotels are absolutely ideal for those times when you require total pampering, especially as their concierge service ensures that you receive personal attention 24 hours a day.

If you’d like to treat your Park Lane and Mayfair lady to a little high end luxury shopping, once again you’ll be spoilt for choice by the plethora of upmarket boutiques and designer shops on offer. To emulate the super-rich you really need the services of a personal shopper who’ll do all the hard work for you, finding the most exclusive and sought after items in town. Designer clothing, bespoke suits, stunning jewellery and eye-catching timepieces can all be yours. All it takes is a flash of your credit card and you’ll soon be laden down with those stylish designer name carriers.

For the finishing touch, why not add a day out at a polo match. Normally the haunt of the upper classes and royalty, you’ll also find the super-rich and famous rubbing shoulders with influential business men. It’s the perfect place to be seen and to take those initial steps to investing in the first addition to your thoroughbred stables. Or if horses aren’t your thing, a regatta on the Thames could be a wonderful place to spend a lazy summer afternoon, treating your special lady to champagne as you while away the hours by the water.

Has all this whetted your appetite? Do you have dreams of spending time with one of our gorgeous London escorts in this way? Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with the right connections and credentials to enjoy the super-rich lifestyle. If not, take a leaf out of the books of the super-rich and treat your escort companion to a delicious dinner, a trip to a club and a night in a luxury hotel. While you may not be able to frequent the likes of the Ivy or the Dorchester, your escort is sure to be very appreciative.

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