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Like the majority of London escorts, most appointments see me meeting my clients alone, but occasionally a client may request a meeting with two escort girls. Perhaps he’s in the city on business with a colleague and they’re seeking female companions to make their evening more enjoyable. Perhaps he’s just looking to experience the pleasure of being in the company of duo escorts.

I’ve always enjoyed meet up with clients together with another of the agency’s escorts. One, it usually means that we’re in for a fun time as a foursome. Being in the company of another escort automatically helps you to relax and helps to get the evening off to a great start. Of course, this works in the same way for the guys too; they tend to be more confident when they’re together. The conversation tends to flow more freely when there are four to keep it going, and it’s always easier to find topics to talk about. I always notice how the conversation tends to be more flirtatious and how the conversation moves onto sexual topics more quickly than it would in a solo situation. Whether we’re enjoying a delicious meal in a top class restaurant or partying in one of the popular nightclubs, a foursome can make a wonderful change to a night out for the majority of escorts in London.

Conversely, if I’m booked to meet a single guy as one half of an escort duo, we girls often find ourselves taking the lead, even when we’re meeting with a very confident man. There’s just something about two women together which increases our self-confidence and makes us more dominant. I also find that a threesome dynamic increases the sexual tension between us and it can be fun seeing who is going to come out on top. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to meet with two gorgeous escort girls you should always remember that it’s always best to treat both escorts the same. Even if you may prefer one escort over the other, (perhaps you prefer blonde escorts or busty escorts rather than brunette escorts), you should always try your best to give both of the escort girls the same amount of attention.

If you’re been thinking of indulging yourself, booking one of our duos could be just the thing you need.

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