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The energy that occurs between a man and two women can be extremely delicate; this is especially so when one of the women just happens to be his wife. Our duo escorts are often approached by men looking for the legendary threesome experience. Likewise married couples looking for an equal experience often approach a lot of our regular female escorts and male escorts in London. Our qualified ladies and gentlemen know that in order for the encounter to be successful then careful attention must be paid to subtle details. Here are just a few of those subtle details that need to be studied delicately.

So who calls the shots? While this may seem like a rather general question in that it might change for every group of three, it’s actually not. If two of the three in question happen to be married then the wife should always call the shots, no matter what. If it’s a case of two escorts and one client however, this is something to be discussed at the beginning. Some clients enjoy being dominated in which case the escorts calling the shots would be beneficial to the experience. For those clients who want to be in charge of two of the most stunning duo escorts London has to offer then he should obviously voice his preferences. This should always be outlined at the very beginning in order for the client’s desires to be met.

Our best London escorts know the importance of paying close attention to the energy between a group of three. It can often seem like a balancing act especially when it’s one escort with married clients. She will always be alert to the energy between husband and wife or the client and her partner escort.

If you’d like to enjoy the ecstasy that only our London duo escorts can offer then call now, we know you won’t regret it.

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