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If you have not realised the potential of having a ‘lunchtime’ lady, think again; it could be that you are doing that new 5:2 fasting diet, and you need to take your mind off eating for the particular day you have decided to fast. Booking one of our lovely ladies will put your hunger pangs at bay and leave you more than satisfied.

Perhaps waking up super early isn’t your thing? Well, why not try fitting in a quick and convenient appointment during your lunch break with one of our on-call escorts? Perhaps you’ve spent the first half of the day trudging through paperwork, and the tension is mounting. Why not step outside, grab some food and get some fresh air with the company of a stunning woman from the best escort service London has to offer? Our ladies can ease all that tension with a sensual massage and help you forget about the demands of the office, even for just a little while. You can return to the office relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day.

You wouldn’t believe that our ladies are well placed conveniently all over the West End of London and maybe right next to your office? Our ladies can be ready in as little as 10 minutes and are always immaculately dressed with apartments that are very well maintained.

Our ladies are always very hospitable, and nothing is too much trouble; you can speak to our knowledgeable receptionist for that day, and she will point you in the right direction and make a booking which will be the proper lady for you and most notably in the right area.

So, gentleman, if you ever thought seeing a beautiful London escort was impossible (owing to time), now you know what our other clients do and use your lunchtime to its full advantage!!

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