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Lipstick is the one piece of make-up they cannot do without. You can change your look so easily with lipstick, depending on the shade and intensity of your colour. Many clients are very fond of red lipstick. Rumour has it red lipstick reminds a man of other red, swollen lips, but we couldn’t possibly comment.

Our ladies have enjoyed a long love affair with make-up and, like most escorts. They are skilled at applying just the right amount – enough to enhance their features but not too much so that it masks their looks.

Our ladies have tried various red lipsticks over the years in an attempt to find the most flattering and the most long-lasting. They want lipstick, which stays put throughout all of my activities. After all, Pink London escorts often have a lot to do. They must eat with our clients, drink with clients and take part in various other activities which require the colour on your lips to stay put. A lipstick which can’t last the distance is no good whatsoever.

Most of our sexy London girls are well-known faces at the make-up counters of Harrods, and the sales assistants know that they seek out the perfect red lipstick continually. They will tell them, “We have a new lipstick in stock – this one will last and last, but will not dry your lips out”. Our London escorts are an easy sell for red lipsticks, and some of our girls own 30 different kinds – from the very expensive to the cheap and cheerful. Naturally, they regard most of their clients as worth the very expensive red lipsticks.

Many clients like our ladies to leave a red lipstick mark on their bodies. It varies as to where to go on the spot. Other dark lipstick shades can also leave behind beautiful lip prints: a dark mulberry or a vivid shade of pink.

But red lipstick isn’t our lady’s only indulgence. Our clients like lip gloss – that lovely shiny sheen it gives your lips. Again, one could put forward an argument for why men like lip-gloss. Perhaps the polish on a woman’s mouth reminds them of the sheen that gets left behind when a lady has… well, let’s leave it at that, shall we?

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