Park Lane & Mayfair

We take great pride in the fact that the Park Lane and Mayfair escorts all love to look after their appearance. And when we say “love” to look after their arrival, we mean it. They all look fantastic, we’re sure you all agree, but what we’re referring to here is the way they dress.

They love to shop, and when they shop, they do it in all the best boutiques in the city. Now, we know they look great, but how do you measure up? Do you take a lot of pride in your appearance? Do you also shop in the best places?

We thought it would be an excellent idea to share with you some of the best tailors that we’ve heard about. Our ladies get to chat with their clients, of course, and they pick up a little inside information here and there. Here are the ones that come at the top of their list:

· Tailor Made London – 80 Britannia Walk, Old Street N1 7RH
· Henry Herbert Tailors – 156 – 158 Gray’s Inn Road
· Huntsman and Sons – 11 Savile Row
· Dave Wax Tailors – 160 Hammersmith Road

Now, they mentioned these places because the man who told them about them looked good! Besides, whether you’re going out to dinner or not, it can’t hurt to look good anyway, can it?

When you think about how much a new suit is going to cost you, it’ll probably shock the hell out of you, especially at some of those places listed above! However, think about it a little longer. You’re not going to need to replace these suits often. A quality bespoke suit is worth every penny you pay for it. And besides, think of the heads you’re going to turn, not to mention just how impressed our ladies will be when you see them.

Now you’ll look top-notch; all you need is a date!

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