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There is very little else that can impress a woman than chivalry and charm. That and a respectful attitude of course. But we know all of you are like that anyway.

Women have always been able to move past appearances when you think about it. Beauty to them is in the person, not the shell. And when we say “person” we mean what you have to offer, other than your appearance. If you’re a nice guy, believe us when we tell you that the ladies you book through us, will be infatuated with you.

We have faith in the fact that you men are gentlemen. In fact, our girls are fortunate enough to have nothing but gentlemen calling to book them. However, this is a dying ideology. It seems that we may well be chivalrous gentlemen, but we’re not dedicating enough time to educating our children in the same ways. Many youths are not upholding the gentlemanly nature of ourselves and it’s a sad sight to see.

It’s nothing to do with feminism or anything like that. It’s more to do with the fact that some women, particularly the younger ones, simply aren’t used to it. This is one reason why you will always find high end escorts always happy to see our clients.

So in a world where your efforts are less appreciated by those around you, feel a little more at home London escorts. You can be yourself with them. Show them your chivalrous side. Open doors, pull out chairs, compliment them and treat them like the princesses they clearly are. You can’t imagine the appreciation you will receive!

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