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Discretion is our business, but it’s here that it becomes important to point something else out. Something that sadly casts an unflattering shadow over our profession. The reason we are discreet is because many of our clients require us to be, it is in no way at all due to legality. Escorting is perfectly legal. We are just quiet about it because we don’t want everyone looking our way. It’s nice to know that our clients have a place to visit online where they can escape the world by booking a beautiful companion to spend a bit of time with.

You see, if we were inundated with clients and people from all over the place, we wouldn’t be nearly as discreet as we are. Park Lane and Mayfair are incredibly proud to boast that we have a relatively small and exclusive client list, of very discerning gents who value their discretion above most other things. It’s important then to note, that when you run a top escort agency in London such as this, you do tend to get the best ladies in the city joining you.

We’re not condemning those partners that won’t understand the needs their husbands and boyfriends have at all. If it wasn’t for them the world would go to hell, and we’d be one unlucky escort agency! However, we digress somewhat. With all this in mind, it kind of goes without saying that: if you do indeed understand your client and their needs, you should operate a highly discreet operation.

We don’t always want to lie but it’s obviously to do with the fact that most gentlemen who book girls for company, actually have a wife or girlfriend. That is clearly why they’re concerned about booking discretion. Their partners are not likely to understand their need for alternative female company. It’s for this reason that escort agencies exist for goodness sake. Park Lane and Mayfair is one of those agencies that have been operating for a long time, and we rely very heavily on clients who don’t have understanding partners! What would the world be like if we could date whomever we pleased? It would be a disaster that’s what it would be.

Our high end escorts in London have been in the business for long enough, and had their share of high profile bookings. They know who and when to be discreet. They are among the best in London for meeting escorts in hotels; whether that’s negotiating their way directly to your room, meeting you in the bar or the lobby. You will instantly believe that you’ve known the girl you meet all your life too, and nothing could seem more natural than your meeting together. All the in call locations our ladies use are very discreet. We are very careful about where we send our clients. Their privacy is very important to us.

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