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The time of the year when most of us are on holiday, including the girls that work in the industry is an irony. As soon as a girl lets us know that she will be away somewhere fabulous for a few weeks, clients will call for that particular girl! And with most of them, it’s only that girl and none other! That makes it really difficult for us to deal with the details of which girl is where, how long they are staying for and when will they be next available!

Between remembering the new girls, the ones on holiday and the ones that still work, our memory gets a workout on a daily basis!

In one of the most flexible work environments for girls, the holidays are the most stressful periods! Quite recently one of our girls announced the fact that she will be travelling to the South of France! She was not certain on how long she will be away for, but she knew for a fact that she will be travelling that particular night!

As the irony would have it, around 10 minutes after she had called it a night, a regular client called to see if he can book that particular girl for a night on the town! A client that has not called for a few weeks! So when we replied that she is on her way towards a sunny beach somewhere he was none too pleased!

Between dealing with the client and his demands and trying to find a similar girl to his tastes to attend a dinner date and a club date with him. It sometimes takes us quite a lot of time to offer alternatives and persuade the client that another option would suffice.

As autumn is slowly making its presence known, most of our escorts are making their way back and a new stressful period starts: the one where it rains most of the time and the traffic will drive us crazy.

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