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In the old days, when the internet was not a marketing tool, number one or even non-existent blonde girls had a significant advantage. Nowadays, where over 90% of clients are checking an escort agency’s website first before choosing their preferred companion, hair colour has become less critical. Far more substantial or even essential are the photos. They do not have to be professional. Some elite escorts are very busy even with selfies. However, the images have to be good and beautifully show the girl.

An excellent indicator that photos and poses of the girls are catching the eye of a potential client is social media. Especially Instagram is a perfect tool. Viral photos show an inviting bum, prominent-chested escorts and inviting poses…

Another critical point is how open-minded an escort is. Girl-friend experience, or GFE, has become almost standard in London. As so many girls offer their services, the clients can choose a wide variety. The consequences are that they ask for more and more.

A-level escorts are top-rated. This seems to be the phantasies of many men. A reason is that often, clients live sexual desires with escorts that the wife or girlfriend does not want to do. Being in a long-term relationship, how often do you still get an extensive blowjob, or does your female partner agree to a threesome? There we go!

Since “Fifty Shades of Grey”, almost everybody has heard about SM or domination. Often, very successful executives, lawyers and other tycoons like to be dominated. It sounds like a real cliché, but yes, it is true!

A £600-an-hour Escort in Kensington, Knightsbridge, Belgravia or Chelsea needs an exclusive wardrobe. Heels such as Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choo’s, designer clothes and handbags are a MUST. Sexy lingerie with stockings and suspenders is standard. Some customers have a fetish for PVC, Latex, leather, high-heel boots or even a particular colour of underwear.

The mental aspect of the business defines how successful an escort is in the long run. A girl or woman who knows how to take the different characters creates the perfect ambience that they want to extend the booking and call for the same girl repeatedly. In the end, these are the successful courtesans. Everything else is a standard requirement.

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