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It is an open secret that a lot of stars used to be an escort and some of the living might still offer their services. The website lists:

Marilyn Monroe, to have gone out with men for a good meal and extra money to pay her rent. It is said that she got paid up to USD 500 a day. She would definitely get much more nowadays.

It seems not only females are in demand

Brad Pitt is said to have been hired as a houseboy by Thom Racina, a gay soap star, at the after arriving in Hollywood and that he has or had fulfilled “other” needs. We wonder how much female UHNWI would be willing to spend for a night with the dream of many women around the world.

Al Pacino – who would have thought that?! Before becoming an Oscar-winning start, “The Richest” says, he had to work the streets to survive.

Denise Richards – one of the legendary Bond girls and ex-wife of Charlie Sheen worked as a High-Class Escort for one of the former Grand Madam’s in the escort industry, Heidi Fleiss.

Russell Brand – the comedic actor and ex-husband of Kate Perry, stated himself when he was young that he had to sell himself for sex in order to afford the drugs.

Raquel Welch – the sex symbol in the 60s and cover playmate has seen high-profile officials as an escort according to rumours.

Joan Collins – the London-born legend struggled first in Hollywood and she did what many beautiful starlets do, she became a high-end escort. After being already a household name in the film industry, it is rumoured that she become close with King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who paid her well for her “private services”. Some also stated that Joan was instrumental in helping Heidi Fleiss build her high-class escort empire.

Sophie Anderton – Reality TV specialist and successful model used her celebrity to prostitute herself, charging wealthy businessmen USD 15.000 an hour. Sophie blamed her modelling work and it is an open secret that many models, famous or not, are escorting.

Nancy Reagan – Former First Lady – Late Nancy had Hollywood aspiration just like her husband, President Ronal Reagan. She struggled in Hollywood and she got a job as a “hostess girl”. Her job was to help wine, dine and entertain actors that the studios wanted to recruit. Nancy dated several actors and gained a reputation prior to their meeting and eventually marrying Ronald Reagan. Once she met Ronny, all the escorting came to an end.

The ex-model and former wife of Paul McCartney has been accused to have been a GBP 5.000-a-time top London escort according to the sun.

At the end, it seems to be a need on both sides; attractive females willing to offer escort services for a handsome payment and wealthy clients, looking for the special experience with a celebrity.

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