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Many clients find the idea of giving gifts to their favourite London escort actually quite romantic. Whether it’s on the first date or after several, a polite and well-mannered companion will find any type of gift a beautiful thing. Of course any token of affection will be received with thanks and gratitude but to help you really wow your escort we thought we’d offer some helpful hints and tips for gift giving. So here’s our guide to brighten the day of your date and make them really excited to be in your presence.

Yes they’re considered your average and most obvious of gifts but any one or a combination of, will please. If you know your escorts favourite flower then go for that. It shows you pay attention to her as a person. Don’t worry if you don’t however; simply stick with classic and elegant roses or lilies and champagne. Every woman loves flowers and will be absolutely besotted with you for buying them. She’ll love toasting to your date with a delicious glass of champagne even if you share the bottle with her.

Giving lingerie to a woman is always an exciting prospect especially as your Park Lane and Mayfair escort will no doubt want to put them to good use. For this sort of gift we advise you wait until you’ve had a few dates as it will give you an idea of what she likes as well as gain some familiarity between you. It’ll also be more likely you’ll then know what size she wears too, though if you really couldn’t find out you could always call us here at Park Lane and Mayfair escorts and we’d happily tell you. Unless you’ve been told otherwise we always suggest black lingerie as the safe option and advise that you stay away from risky colours such as reds, browns or pinks until you know her better. Keep styles nice and simple too as this is always more likely to please her.

It may sound boring to you but how many of us have something practical on our wish list that we’d just love? Something that would make our lives so much easier such as a computer, an upgrade on a smartphone, a nice Filofax to organise all of your dates or even a few spa products. To get your high end escorts something practical does require a little spying on your part and some attentive conversation too. You might find out that gift certificates would go down well, or even a weekly shop from her favourite food store like Whole Foods.

For the more discerning gentleman that likes to splash the cash then why not go one step further and really treat her with a gift from somewhere like Agent Provocateur or another type of high end boutique. For something like this we advise again that you might want to get to know your date a little better before having something delivered to her. Though we will remind you of the obvious benefits to yourself when purchasing a gift from somewhere such as AP.

Even the most elite escorts in London love a gift and more importantly everyone loves giving a gift too. A simple box of chocolates will tug at the hearts of most escorts so go for it, spoil her rotten and see just how much she appreciates it.

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