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Duo escorts and escorts for couples are very different types of encounters. A duo escort is a companion who will ‘team up’ with another escort to provide a sexy threesome with a client where he is the centre of attention. The duo escorts may engage in some form of attention to each other; however, this is at the behest of the client, and if he wants to enjoy a more voyeuristic approach, then this is something that our bisexual escorts will be happy to provide escorts for couples, however, is a different type of date altogether.

Couples are looking to spice up their private time together nowadays, and one thing that has proven popular is introducing another playmate into the equation. Now, this is fraught with problems if the couple choose a friend or someone they know, as emotions could get involved, particularly for the female partner of the couple, which could lead to the relationship’s downfall. We have heard of so many couples who have taken this route, and it has always ended in problems. So, for couple’s encounters, we recommend that the couple choose an escort who is not linked to either party and is unattached in all aspects.

Our ladies will always take directions from the female of the couple. This is to ensure that she feels pleased with the situation at all times. Some couples prefer that the man take a voyeuristic role, which is not a problem for many men as they like to watch all the action; however, for other couples who enjoy the excitement of an additional companion, everyone having fun together is even more appealing. We have many different types of escorts who are happy to enjoy a couple’s couple’s couple’s couple’s coucouple’scounter; whether you are looking for a girl next door to seduce or an experienced woman to take control, we have every type of woman you could imagine.

As a couple, you may find that a threesome affair is just what you need to re-ignite the spark of passion between you. There may be elements of your private time together that you might prefer one of our couples escorts to experiment with, or quite simply, you might be of the view that the more, the merrier, but ultimately, you steer the encounter in the direction you want it to go i. All this pleasure happens without any emotion or further obligation on either party. Our couple escorts are always conscious of ensuring that the female of the couple never feels left out or ignored, and in many cases, as we have already mentioned, it is, in fact, the other way around! The encounter is designed to bring a couple closer together, and whilst all our bisexual escorts are more than happy to share in your pleasure of each other, we always advise that this type of fun should be experienced by couples who are strong in their relationships and both [parties are wholly and fully committed to the fun.

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