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Our escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair can provide escort girls who can play games with our clients—one day; there was a call to our agency, and a polite voice asked if he could book five ladies. The girls arrive at his address promptly within an hour. There was no one in the flat apart from the owner, who called the agency and the five sexy companions he ordered for the night. The Gentleman asked the girls to sit at the big table. The guy was dressed in a smart suit with a tie; he picked up some notebooks from the shelf and asked his companions to announce their names. The Girls did what he asked for, but then the most exciting part of the evening started…

The Gentleman gave a clean sheet of paper and pen to each of the escorts and asked them to write a short story about how London female escorts find working as call girls in Central London and beyond and what they see as attractive or not harmful to this job. The girls found this strange but politely did as they were ashes and began to write.

Forty-five minutes, the time was; all stories were checked and marked for spelling and grammar. The winner of the competition was then announced. It was a young blonde Eastern European escort. She was praised with a gift, and the other escort girls offered champagne. Then it all began to become a little clearer as the client explained that he just wanted to be a teacher that evening, only that he wanted to be surrounded by sexy young girls as it had always been a fantasy of his.

Male fantasies they have sometime during the day are usually quite detailed: recent events, sometimes intimidating or adventurous situations, but often sexy young female escort is the centre of these fantasies.

Another type of secret desire is to have affairs not with one but with two London escort girls – this is a dream of a third of the male population. This is also possible if the client contacts the proper London escort agency. Some escort girls find it fun to come over with their female friends.

Female escort nudity in different variations is often present in the secret fantasies of the clients. For example: “I’m at the big party, and all the sexy girls around are London escorts who wear very revealing dresses; all of them are blonde and busty and certainly very open-minded. Then suddenly, all the escort girls took off their dresses and turned their heads towards me, asking whom I would choose and take upstairs to my hotel room. “

Sexologists say that choosing the right escort agency with people who understand your needs and personal preferences and who can advise on selecting the right escort in London would help to fulfil man’s deepest fantasies and desires. Park Lane and Mayfair escorts are always ready to help.

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