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Most of our high class companions agree that style and demeanour separate the average man from the irresistible gent. If you want to be the latter then something as simple as adopting a sense of style can make all the difference between an amazing date and one that’s turbo charged with chemistry and sexual tension. If you just so happen to be a client who hasn’t a clue however, fear not because here’s our helpful guide to making a signature statement that’ll impress your companion.

Invest in good jeans

A nice pair of jeans makes a very bold statement that you care about your appearance. It doesn’t matter if you dress them up or dress them down, you’ll look so much better. While a decent pair of jeans might not be very cheap, it’s important to know that they’ll not only look miles better than a cheap pair but they’ll last you years. Even if you don’t have the physique of an athlete it’s important that you add this one thing at least to your wardrobe

Get yourself a statement watch

If you sport a nice watch, you not only let people know you have taste but you tell people that you’re successful too. Now this doesn’t necessarily require you breaking the bank and splurging on a Rolex or Cartier so don’t panic just yet. We recommend owning two, one that’s quite casual and another that’s more formal. Yes Chanel and Omega design some elegant time pieces but then again so do Michael Kors and Guess, both of which are a fraction of the price and look just as good.

Shoes aren’t just for the ladies

As a client, would you gasp in absolute horror if your sexy escort in London greeted you in a pair of flip-flops? You might be an absolute god but show up in a beat up pair of old shoes and your escort will think you don’t really care; then sit back and watch any spark you might have had fly out of the window. We advise four pairs of shoes, two for work, a more casual pair for the weekend and a smoking pair of trainers too. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget your hair

You might not have a full flowing head of luscious hair but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tend to it. Even if you have a shaved head, it’s always a good idea to at least wet it and make sure it’s all heading in the right direction. If you are lucky enough to have a full head of hair then take the time to style it. We even suggest a little wax here and there because if your escort failed to keep herself neat and tidy we’re sure you’d have something to say. A little effort goes a long way and can completely change the way our high class London escorts look at you. Make things work for you and make yourself feel confident at the same time.

Whenever a client books a date with one of our exceptionally beautiful women it can sometimes lead to a little nervousness. Just the thought of time spent with one of our beautiful escorts in London can lead to a little anxiety if for nothing more than excitement. There are usually concerns about making good impressions, fear of rejection and even performance anxiety. So here are some tips for clients on how to stay calm on a date with one of our very sexy girls.

Focus on your companion

Our girls love a bit of attention just as much as the next girl so focus on her and listen to what she has to say. Pay attention to body language, smile and make eye contact. There’s nothing sexier than a happy man who really looks deep into a woman’s eyes.

Be open minded

All our ladies are different, one escort is never the same as the next so focus on the most gorgeous aspects of her such as her sexy figure, her sweet laugh or even the way she touches you when you make her happy, because it doesn’t matter where someone comes from or what they like, sexy is sexy and a good time is most certainly a good time

Be a gentleman

If you want a young lady from our agency to like you then one of the best things you can do is act in a gentlemanly fashion. Focusing on this will help keep you calm and chilled too. It will make you feel more sociable and help you enjoy better conversations. This can help you really get to know your escort a lot better including what she likes and what she doesn’t. Equally it gives you a chance to show her the sort of man you are too and give her an idea of just how you like to be treated. Becoming familiar with her can go a long way to breaking the ice, which ultimately is what every client wants to do.

Keep things nice and flirty

Keeping things light and flirty may help you identify a little chemistry and make you feel a lot more comfortable on your first date. Doing this will not only lead to an amazing earth rocking experience but will also mean your second date will more than likely be better than the first. Play a little and then both of you can have some fun.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first, second or even seventieth time hiring a beautiful London escort, it can always lead to butterflies in the tummy so take our advice and make the date the best it can be for you both. When our ladies enjoy themselves just as much as the client, the experience is mind blowing.

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