Park Lane & Mayfair

If you’re an attractive, sensual lady that wants to spend some quality time in London and you like meeting new people, have you considered being an elite escort?

It’s a lot easier than you think to become a Park Lane and Mayfair escort if you have the desirable qualities our discerning clients are continually looking for.  Many of our female escorts that choose to be represented by Park Lane and Mayfair escorts have already made themselves a good quality client list.  By this we mean clients they know and trust and genuinely enjoy spending time with.  At our top escort agency we endeavour to find girls who enjoy their work and absolutely refuse to list anyone who is just in it for the money.

You see the lifestyle of an elite escort is pretty glamorous to say the very least.  Being able to keep your own hours always appeals to most and the fact that it’s in your best interest to go shopping for expensive and designer clothes to go on bookings with is another deciding factor for many wishing to pursue the life; you will certainly be able to afford the new attire at any rate.  Females that look good are a ticket to success in this business.  Along with looking good, often times you will get to eat out at some of the finest places in London and perhaps even stay in some world famous hotels too.

We won’t lie to you though, its hard work being a Park Lane and Mayfair escort. This city is fast becoming a place that simply doesn’t sleep, yet our clients still need company.  The hours can be very unsociable and you can get quite exhausted at the end of the day if you haven’t managed to get enough sleep.  You are required to look after yourself too, so keeping fit and healthy needs to ideally be part of your routine once you get started.  However, you will soon begin to reap the rewards of your hard work, not only in payment (that’s obvious) but also a rise in your self-confidence as you take care of yourself and realise just how desirable you are to those around you.  All of our clients are incredibly high class, mostly rich and powerful individuals, who really know how to treat a lady to a good time.

If you want to join with us you will need a professional photo shoot done, if you want to see what sort of pictures we are talking about, look on our gallery of delicious ladies and see for yourself the calibre we are wanting to represent. So if you think you could be our next top escort get in touch today…

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