Park Lane & Mayfair

Chelsea is one of the most affluent areas in London, with property prices being some of the steepest in the world. There is also plenty to do in this area.

Our client booked a fabulous Chelsea escort from us, and he called back to comment that it was one of the best agencies he had come across recently. He told us that we have a great website where you can find images and information about all the escorts they have available at the minute. 

You can see all of our ladies in our Gallery; feast on the bour beautiful companion and their excellent feedback from many happy clients. With escorts from Russia, South America, Eastern Europe and our lovely homegrown British escorts, you’re spoilt for choice here at Park Lane & Mayfair.

The client also commented that our beautiful escort could easily be a model with her looks, but it was not just her looks that he was attracted to; her personality was great, and when he spoke with her, it was like they were old friends. 

Many first-time customers get the impression that these girls are not going to be friendly or speak good English, but that is not the case at all with escorts at Park Lane & Mayfair. They are very friendly and easy to talk to, not to mention having a great sense of humour. 

Although our client works quite often in the city, he hadn’t visited this area before, so he didn’t know which bars and restaurants were the best to go to. But that was not an issue as our friendly reception staff were on hand to recommend where was best and where their escorts enjoyed going. The restaurant we went to was Gordon Ramsey’s; the food was incredible, and all parties involved were pleased!

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