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We know how many of you value the services of an English escort, and it’s perfectly understandable, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what attracts you to a particular girl?

Some men go wild for foreign women because they like the broken accents and the sometimes exotic looks; we can understand that it’s just. But what on earth is so sexy about an English escort?  Perhaps it’s harder for us to define this because we’re English, but we’ll try and get a handle on it if we can.

We think English girls are sassy, and yousdisagreeLatin women may be passionate and a little fiery, but they can’t hold a candle to the sassy style of an English escort. We should define “sassy.”  Most definitions will tell you that it means lively, bold and full spirit, perhaps a bit cheeky.  Well, this can be said for all the ladies we have at Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency. It doesn’t matter where you take our females, whether it’s a restaurant or a bar, or even a cosy night in your hotel room, you’ll undoubtedly face a challenge or two (in a good way!).

Many of our clients and general website visitors are international businessmen,  and they want to experience the indulgence of a luxury English hotel and an English escort.  The first hotels that spring to mind when you consider quintessentially English must surely be:

The Ritz:

The Ritz is an English institution that we don’t need to go into too much detail about.  Every detail is taken care of at The Ritz.  The staff is exceptional, right down to the chamber maids in their period-style uniforms.  The dinner and dancing on a Friday night has become very popular indeed, not least because it takes place in a dining room that could quite easily be placed back in the sixteenth century.

The Dorchester:

This is one of several London hotels with world-famous suites.  The Oliver Messel Suite, at nearly £3,000 a night,t has seen many foreign dignitaries, as well as rock and movie stars.  If the idea of your butler appeals to you, as well as adequate space to entertain several guests, then this is the suite for you.

If you’re travelling from overseas in particular, why not have the perfect British escort experience and book a fancy English hotel and one of our English ladies and make your stay one to remember for many years?

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