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As much as I enjoy my job and the fantastic people I get to meet, I encountered one man who shall not even be granted a pseudonym but just be known as “CSM” (Crazy, Stalker Man). CSM gives men who would like the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) a very bad name!

As you know from previous tales in my life, I am quite the expert in GFE’s. My clients love the closeness and comfort that their favourite Park Lane escorts and Mayfair ladies provides them. That’s why they call again to book more appointments whether they are for another GFE or something totally different. I pride myself in being able to act out whatever my client wants with complete professionalism and the ability to act out their fantasies for their set amount of time and still be detached from anything emotional. Shame CSM could not differentiate between fact and fiction.

To begin with I thought that CSM was acting the part so well and how lucky a woman would be to have him and why was he still single. CSM was 38, a multi-millionaire and very handsome. He was intelligent and seemed ambitious and independent even though he craved the GFE. In hindsight, the noise from that Family Fortunes game show when they get a question wrong resounds through my head! Yeah, good old hindsight…

CSM gushed about how much we had in common and how perfect our lives would be together. How we could buy a luxury apartment in Canary Wharf and I could spend my days shopping and being the fabulous house wife. He became slightly obsessed and I kind of knew he wasn’t joking when he told me he had booked tickets for us to go to New York to look for a stateside apartment also. He showed me the tickets online and considering he hadn’t booked my time, I suddenly heard alarm bells. A man who has assumed I will be free and has not gone through the correct channels to book my time has booked me a flight to New York and is professing his undying love along with the notion we are going to house hunt together.

Oh dear, I love to please my client but this is above and beyond. I had to pull him to one side and explain about the unspoken ‘rules’ in the world of escort life. I am booked for my time and I will make your time extremely enjoyable, but just because we get on and like the same things, doesn’t mean that we have a ‘relationship’ and that you have to go down the right channels to ‘book’ me. I think he was quite taken aback and quickly realised his error and that he got ‘carried away’ with how real and pleasurable a GFE escort can really be. I do hope he books my time again and is not too offended, but after all this is ‘business and pleasure’.

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