Park Lane & Mayfair

I often talk about the concierge who fronts the doors of all the grand hotels in London- especially those with a 5-star luxury rating. Well, as most of them know me well (at least, they pretend they don’t, but the recognition in their eyes is palpable), I thought I should give them the credit they deserve.

We all see the concierge painted in an attractive light in the movies, but without them, the hotel would fall to pieces – of that, I’m sure. In medieval times, the concierge was the “keeper of candles” who tended to nobles visiting the castle. In 19t19th-century and early 20th-century apartment buildings, particularly in Paris, the concierge often had a small apartment on the ground floor, called la loge, and could monitor all comings and goings. These days we use a concierge to book theatre tickets, arrange travel and basically “achieve the impossible”. They are, by definition, a “caretaker”.

There is one concierge I am particularly fond of. His name is Harry. I won’t embarrass him by telling you which hotel he works for, but Harry and I go way back. When I was a fledging London escort, Harry got me out of several spots of bother. I remember the day I made my first trip to his hotel, trying to look like I belonged there. Something must have given me away to his trained eye – maybe I looked a little lost – and he beckoned me over. Pressing his card into my hand as he shook it, he welcomed me warmly and said should there ever be anything I might need, here was his number.

From then on, I tried to chat with all the concierges during my in-call and hotel-call dates. Whether they are in grand apartments in Kensington and Belgravia (my building in Mayfair and Park Lane even has one!) or a hotel on Park Lane, I can’t thank them enough for all their help.

Now that Park Lane and Mayfair escorts are very well established, Concierges know that our Agency is an Agency they can trust and call upon for their very best clients. We have excellent relationships with many concierges in top-class hotels. So if you are ever at a loss and need good advice, we are sure the Concierge will mention our name.

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