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Being with an older woman, or indeed a mature escort, is sometimes rather different than being with a young woman. It’s not just the age and appearance of her either, there’s a wisdom that’s hard to describe. You’d have to spend time with one to truly understand, but when you consider the simple facts, you’ll begin to see the sense in what we’re saying.

An older woman have a wealth of experience. There’s a relaxed feeling around a mature escort, of course you can still relax with a young lady of course, it’s just that when you take a mature woman out to dinner, you’ll find conversing easier and more fluid, you will also find conversations with her varied. She will value your company more than any other younger woman would, because she has enough experience to realise just how important the date is.

In terms of intimacy, it’s fantastic if you have an older woman that likes to be intimate a lot. It’s simple really, but having said that, intimacy with a young lady can be good too, it’s all relative to how much experience she’s had really.

You will always find older women to be more open minded. They’re ready to embrace new ideas and be more liberated. As for mature escorts, what happens between you and your date is between the two of you of course!

You’d be amazed at just how many men book mature escorts, and it’s not just young guys,. some older men really appreciate the attentions and natural affection of a mature woman too. Not all older guys want young women, older guys can sometimes become frustrated by a younger woman’s knowledge and inexperience.

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