Park Lane & Mayfair

Are you tired of going to the gym and not feeling as satisfied as you should? Our ladies maybe just the thing; ok, they are not going to run a few miles with you but they will certainly get you worked up into a sweat and that definitely beats going to the gym!! Your gym could be a decoy where you can pack your bag but divert to one of our lady’s abodes. We are open 24hrs of the day so there is never an excuse that there isn’t the right time to see one of our ladies. We are sure that you will be able to get away at some point. Our ladies have conveniently located apartments which are sure to be in the right area for you to pop in and spend an hour or two.

If you have never considered visiting before then you may change your mind when we tell you that our ladies apartments are very sought after. They are kept to a very high standard; you would feel very at home in. Clean and fresh and extremely inviting you will have wondered to yourself why you hadn’t visited before. I expect you have had thoughts of seedy rooms or unsavoury characters lurking around making you feel a bit uneasy. This isn’t the case as we pride ourselves in being an elite escort agency where our ladies reside in these apartments – they will in turn feel relaxed and so will you. You will be welcomed warmly when you knock on her apartment door and offered a beverage of some sort, without being rushed, then taken to heaven in a very unhurried hour or two.

We are confident that you will be back, maybe at the same address or you may wish to try another apartment with another lady of your choice. So you see some calories will be worked off by the time you have finished with our irresistible companions. Gyms will be the thing of the past and of course a lot more enjoyable then treading on that blooming treadmill!! Take a look at our Pink London girl’s profiles and see which locations will suit you, more often than not there are always girls addresses very near to a train station probably the train station that you use every day – so there is definitely a possibility that you can visit a beautiful lady after work or even before!!

We are always here to answer your call and make light work of pairing you up with a female companion. You will feel at ease speaking to Park Lane and Mayfair London’s receptionists which makes the whole process stress free and easy. We usually text you the address of your destination and all you have to do it turn up, so it’s not as complicated as you may have thought. You can choose from a vast array of striking girls and what you see on their photographs is what you will get – no lookalikes just the genuine article. We are an honest agency and want you to be a very happy customer.

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