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Most other escort establishments don’t care for their clients as all they seem to care about is sending an available lady to them – not fully understanding what the client has requested. Park Lane and Mayfair will endeavour to dispatch the lady that has been requested; if we don’t have that particular lady available on that day, we will honesty tell the client and not just send a ‘lookalike’ as we know that our clients are not silly and of course, we know that the client will not be using our services again. So we like to be very honest and let the customer know exactly who he is getting, which makes honesty the best policy.

Very rarely, we have had dates that have not gone to plan. It may be that the client has not stated his exact preference, or sometimes it’s just down to personality clashes, as a world with everybody getting along ‘just fine’ is unrealistic. Our ladies are chosen for their personalities, charm and, of course, beauty. Our ladies can charm the birds from the trees, but everybody has their preferences. Park Lane and Mayfair escorts in London take your calls very seriously and want to place you in the right company – so don’t be afraid to state exactly what you had in mind. Then mistakes cannot be made, and we would rather you’d be honest than us sending you a lady that didn’t suit your tastes.

Of course, this rarely happens, and our discerning gentlemen clients are always 100% happy with our ladies, and sometimes they even surprise themselves. They may have a preference for blondes, but for one reason or another, we don’t have any for that evening; our receptionists decide to send a sexy brunette – the client is a little nervous, but after an hour with her, we think we’ve changed his mind.

All of our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts are elite and high class – but how do we keep up-to-date in keeping the best ladies on our books? We monitor very closely our customer’s feedback, whether it be what reviews they write on our website or a quick phone call to us afterwards thanking the elite lady for such a wonderful evening, or it may be our gentleman coming back time and time again because they trust in our ladies and our excellent customer service. We make it our business to keep all parties happy; we want our ladies to be satisfied by placing them with the right clients and making sure that whichever request the client has, it’s pointless sending ‘any escort’ to a booking when we know they will not fulfil the client’s

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