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A call-girl is a term generally used in America although it is one which has become more popular in the UK over the years. It has the same meaning as our term, escorts, and you can have high class call- girls as you would have high class escorts. It is simply a matter of preferred terminology.

Our 24 hour London escort agency has scores of stunning beauties who all fit the elite description. These are the true elegant and refined companions you would hope to spend time with for a truly important or sensational encounter. When you visit Park Lane and Mayfair you have a certain expectation as to the type of beauty you will encounter and you will never be disappointed. Our gallery is full of breath-taking beauties from all over the world and so your choice is not only extensive but flexible too.

There are a small number of truly exclusive high class escort agencies in London, however there are plenty that will promote themselves as such! You do need to do a little research in order to ascertain which is the real thing – sort the chaff from the wheat so to speak, and one of these is simply to visit the gallery and take a look at the ladies themselves.

When you compare the galleries of one agency to another the difference can be astounding. The quality of the images and the ladies themselves should scream ‘professional’ yet is it surprising how many agencies who purport to be high class have grainy, unfocused images of ladies in less than salubrious surroundings! This is absolutely fine for a cheap escort service but if you are stating that your ladies are of the highest quality then do at least show them off to their best!

Our escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair are International and so many of them will refer to themselves as call-girls too. This belies their globetrotting tendencies as so many are used to flying out to the states or the Middle East to spend time with their high class clients. At Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency we have ladies from all over the world including a very strong Latin contingent, so they feel very much at home with the American lingo.

Our call-girls are the epitome of style and class. They are highly sophisticated and utterly charming and perfectly suited to all social and public events. Whilst they look like they have been airbrushed in real life they are extremely down to earth and very accommodating, so much so that many of our first time clients are taken aback at just how approachable our stunner actually are. There is a popular misconception that beautiful women are difficult to get along with however this is certainly not the case with our beauties. We are extremely careful to choose high class beauties who have outgoing personalities and who get along with almost everyone. We like our companions to be bubbly, friendly and eager to please as this is the point of a companionship date?

A date with one of our high class ladies in London is much more than a simple physical encounter. Our ladies offer something of their soul and a real connection is made. We want you to have a great time in their company on every level so we ensure that your tryst is also a meeting of minds as well as the obvious physical attraction. As always our girls offer a no strings attached service. There is no ongoing commitment beyond the agreed time span of the date. They are more than delighted to spend time in your company however they will never approach you if you happen to cross paths again elsewhere or at another time. Absolute discretion is assured which is one of the other qualities our valued clients appreciate when making a date with any of our high class call-girls in London.

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