Park Lane & Mayfair

Why not take your high class escort to a comedy show in central London or a popular West End musical where the audience can really engage. Laughing together is such a powerful aphrodisiac that you’ll have to reach out and touch each other to seal the connection. Once formed, it will be intensely difficult to break. This great news for any future dates with your beautiful companion- both of you will remember what a great time you had together and slip into easy banter. Park Lane and Mayfair has favourite clients as much as London clients have favourite escorts.

A date with a Park Lane and Mayfair escort is certainly something our London clients look forward to. For many reasons (like the sheer beauty and sex-appeal of their young lady) and for those that run deeper – like good humour and charm of a sparkling personality. Laughing makes our happy hormones release into our body making us feel ‘better’ about ourselves its very well proven that having a ‘belly laugh’ once a day lowers blood pressure and can do wonders for our wellbeing. Each individual have their own sense of humour – other’s find humour in most things – but one things for sure each of us love of ‘good laugh’.

As you can see from our gallery photographs, our London ladies are incredibly beautiful. Some are adept at conversation; others are open-minded with powerful imaginations. Repeat bookings come after a successful date where client and escort simply… click. It is those escorts who are adored by their gentlemen clients. How will you know if you are compatible with your chosen lovely? Most of the time you can match interests with background – available as a short biography from our receptionist with you enquire – but more often than not it is the power of a good belly laugh that breaks down barriers.

Why not give yourself the chance to be someone’s favourite and enquire today about your perfect elite lady match. Our lines are open 24hrs a day – once you’ve called you’ll be very happy you did.

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