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Have our high-class escorts ever refused to meet up with a client? It’s a good question that we’re sure many people want to know the answer to. And we’ll give it to you now – yes. We are a fair and honest agency, and if our ladies don’t want to see a client,  they are perfectly entitled not to see them. Our ladies don’t have to give a reason, but some of our ladies have not seen clients for different reasons;

Sometimes, girls begin to fall for clients and make life a little awkward for them. They like to keep a strict distance between their personal and working life. When strong feelings come into it, that distance diminishes, and things get messy. They had to stop seeing them as a client. Sometimes, they do know the client for a short time as a boyfriend. Ultimately, the client can’t handle the fact that she met other men through her work! And yes, that’s where she first met him, in case you were wondering. What’s good for the goose isn’t great for the gander, it appears…

Another case is quite simple, really; our ladies will not put up with bad manners, bad hygiene and any other type of disrespectful behaviour. We can screen the unsavoury phone calls and make sure we pass them on to other members of staff so no poor lady has to endure another second on these types of clients. We and our ladies do not care how much money these clients have; the answer is a big no!!

Sometimes, ladies won’t want to visit gentlemen in their private residencies; this is in no way a reflection on you, but they feel safer in Hotels or their place of residence. Please respect this, as some of these ladies may have had bad experiences.

The same goes for ladies who don’t want to travel far; for example, you may be in Heathrow, and she is in the West End of London, and travelling to Heathrow in the ‘Rush Hour’ (stuck in traffic for a few hours) won’t make financial sense at all. If this is the case, choose a different hour in the day when traffic is calm, and one of our ladies will enjoy the journey.

There are lots of different reasons that some ladies will refuse, but on the other hand, most of our elite ladies are very tolerant and will make allowances once in a while.

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