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As expected of professional escorts, all our escorts in London know the importance of first impressions. This is why all our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies are always immaculately groomed and presented. They will always take the time and make a special effort to ensure that they’re both appropriately dressed for whatever you have planned for the evening and that they’ve spared no detail when it comes to grooming. Their hair will be perfect, their make up well applied and their manicure will be fresh. However, all this can be negated if they don’t have the right attitude. No matter how good they look, if an escort approaches you with the wrong body language, they’ll automatically create a bad first impression.

When we asked our clients about first impressions when meeting with our high end London escorts, the vast majority mentioned her smile. As we all know, first impressions count. We literally have seven seconds to make that all important impression before we even get the chance to speak. With such a small window of opportunity to make a favourable impression, a friendly warm and open smile can go a long way to creating the right atmosphere and a good basis to begin a relationship.

The best escorts are well aware that first impressions count, so they not only take the time to look good, but they always ensure that your first meeting will be one that will automatically put you at your ease. Open and friendly body language goes a long way to helping you feel relaxed and a beaming smile is a sure fire way to elicit a smile in response. Let’s be honest; meeting an escort for the first time can be a little daunting. You don’t know quite what to expect. You’ve seen their photographs and you’ve read about their services, but nothing can quite prepare you for meeting her in the flesh. Seeing someone up close and personal, hearing them speak, seeing their expressions, the way they hold their body, how they smell – all these things bring the image from the photograph alive.

If you meet someone who looks bored or displeased to see you, you’re unlikely to feel comfortable and relaxed, but if you’re greeted by someone who smiles and seems genuinely pleased to meet you, then your date is much more likely to get off to a great start. So remember, when you’re meeting with one of our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies, don’t forget to smile!

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