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What exactly is unconditional love? Is it loving someone despite their flaws and their actions? Is it when you keep loving someone even though circumstances change wildly? Is it still loving someone even after they have cheated on you? You could argue that all of these situations could equate to unconditional love.

We like to apply our thinking to all of the essential questions in life, and one comes up repeatedly. Is there any such thing as unconditional love?

We are all trained to think that unconditional love exists, and our society panders to this belief. Popular songs, rom-com films and all sorts of love stories where the hero and heroine overcome incredible odds or circumstances and still manage to be madly in love. Or they fall in love in a few minutes; right from the start, we notice this spark between two people, and if we are lucky enough and we believe enough, we too will find it – stumble upon it by accident or whatever.

So, does it exist? Yes, we at Park Lane and Mayfair believe it does exist. But – we also think that to find unconditional love, you must have a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost, and you must have a clear idea of the values you want in a partner. And it would help if you found someone you 1) find attractive, 2) respect and 3) like as a friend.

For those who have not yet found unconditional love, our London escorts will do their best to provide fun, friendship, intimacy and more. It might be the case that you are not seeking out unconditional love at this stage of your life. Still, you do miss the more admirable aspects of dating, such as finding someone beautiful, having companionship for a dinner date and hiring escorts to suit your needs. Or you might want a fantastic-looking woman on your arm.

Whatever your stage in life, remember to log onto our website for the answers to all the big questions on love!

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