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Our ladies have heard many stories about gentlemen’s encounters from past or present girlfriends. It could be that the gentleman in question doesn’t quite want to settle down just yet, or that he is far too busy in his career to cater for a woman’s needs, and that he just wants a bit of fun!!

Some women take it very personally if a guy uses her for a bit of fun, and often it can turn nasty for him, although he didn’t intend to give her the wrong impression with a ‘no strings attached relationship’ from the start. Once a lady has gotten involved, she finds it hard to let go. She is emotionally invested in this guy and wants revenge, or for him to ‘see the light’ and see what he’s throwing away, that she can change him somehow!!!

Isn’t it good though that there are escort agencies in London like Park Lane and Mayfair, where we have girls that can be ‘used’ for just one evening or as and when you need them!!

But for some advice, Gentlemen, here are a few tips to spot that crazy girlfriend; if you spot any of the following behaviours, maybe it’s time to move on. If there’s no good reason for it, and as long as you can afford it, book a professional escort to satiate your desire for female company.

If your girlfriend is sending you constant text messages and getting peeved at you for not replying to her as often as she is sending them, this could be a warning sign, too. Not only that, if she is always writing long messages and expecting you to do the same when you’re just out doing something else, or you’ve just been with her, it could be time to find something better suited.

Jealousy. It would help if you watched out for your girlfriend, checking who your friends are on Facebook, who is following you on Twitter and vice versa, what pictures you have “liked”, etc. If she’s keeping track of this, or worse still, she has attempted to read your private messages or check on your internet history; she’s possessive and crazy. Please remove her and book one of our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts!

No female friends. You can be friends with a woman. But if she doesn’t like you having friendships with females, there may be a problem here, too. It boils down to jealousy again, and it’s a whole world of crazy you don’t want to get into.

So we hope we’ve saved a few of you out there. You’ll get none of this with our high-end escorts, of course, just all the good stuff!

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