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Here at Park Lane and Mayfair, we are happy to answer any questions about the services our ladies provide within reason. By this, we mean that we will answer your requests about attire, how you wish your date to meet you, etc. and perhaps any specialities they do, like massage or fetish outfits and uniforms, etc. We can’t tell you directly, but we will be happy to find out by asking your chosen lady now. We will then get back to you with an answer. Provided that your list doesn’t go on and on forever, we will contact you with all the information we can.

We all like different things. This is something we certainly know a lot about. We have been one of the leading London escort agencies in the city for many years, and we hear all sorts!

Whilst we appreciate that some of you may be more than a little excited to see one of the ladies we represent, there are limits to what our friendly receptionist will talk to you about on the phone. We don’t get many phone perverts, but a few always get through. So, we would like to clarify to any potential guys out there that our receptionists aren’t into talking to you because you want the sound of their voice. If you need to find out more (but sensibly), we welcome it. You see, wouldn’t it be nice to find out what your companion likes to eat? Does she enjoy Japanese food? What her favourite spot in London is, or her famous hotel?

The great news is that the profiles you read on our website are real!

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