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Have you ever seen a live illusionist at a party or even at a show? I have been entertained many times by would-be David Blaine’s at weddings and special birthday parties – even at my local on a Thursday night. I always get taken aback and no matter how closely I look, I can never work it out. I seem to love being impressed by someone who can do something I can’t.

So where is this heading? I was introduced to a magician at a friend’s birthday gathering. He was sitting on the sofa in their Kensington home, drinking a small brandy, shuffling a deck of cards with one hand. This guy cut and flicked the cards over and under as I stood in wonder. I didn’t even realise how rude I was being by staring, but I was absolutely mesmerised. He must have felt my eyes on his, because he lifted his head and gave me a wide grin. Something felt like it had hit me in the stomach.

I think I may have slightly fallen in love. At the end of the evening I handed him my business card as he left and hoped I would hear from him again.

My friends told me he worked the West End circuit and had been performing quietly for friends and family before being taken on by an agent in 2012. Although he wasn’t quite up to Derren Brown standard, he could certainly make things vanish before your very eyes.

My magician man actually called me!!! So was this an escort-client date or something purely personal? I didn’t want to throw my hourly rate into the mix so I hoped he wanted to spend some time with me because I impressed him. We arranged to meet at the Ivy for lunch at 13.00pm. I so wanted to wear something impressive, but decided on a smart/casual attire.

I do feel a little nervous but I am quietly hoping that if things go well we may well go back to his place and maybe he can make my underwear disappear – now that’s magic!!!!

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