Park Lane & Mayfair

My client, despite his impressive education (and inheritance!), likes the Playboy lifestyle and has no intention of making his mother proud and marrying the lifestyle anytime, to dress in finery, as well as have a Park Lane and Mayfair escort on his arm.

My client and I were greeted at the cordoned-off area for the private party. She handed us our first cocktail of the evening – something orange and smelling intoxicatingly of strawberries. Apart from my love for champagne and expensive vintage, I love Happy Hour at cocktail bars with my friends or a fabulous client. Still, there’s something immeasurably seductive about cocktails blended in a clear glass.

As I savoured my cocktail, I took in my surroundings and became mesmerised by the barman shaking, pouring and mixing his way through the customers leaning on the bar. I was so impressed by his ability to recall recipes at will and charm the clientele that I almost forgot I was on a booking as I felt so comfortable in my surroundings.  So, after my excitement about a man and his cocktails, I focused on stroking my client’s ego. I paid him all the best compliments, and I meant it as if this guy was a real gentleman. Then I ask femininely, ‘Can we return to his place for a nightcap.’ We had been at the venue for a very reasonable two and a half hours, enough to be drunk to enjoy the rest of the evening ahead.

Now we’re off to Mayfair, chauffeur-driven with a bottle of Crystal to drink on the way…

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