Park Lane & Mayfair

It’s not easy being so secretive about my job, especially when it comes to my family. I’d love to just shout from the rooftops about all the fabulous venues and people I have met along the way, but escorting has unfortunately got such a taboo name.

My Mother and Father still believe I’m in PR although my sister is a bit sceptical. She is a little envious of my wardrobe which I may add is quite vast and very expensive. I tell her I have some really high-profile customers who send samples to our offices on a regular basis.

My sister has been to my apartment but I never let her stray very far – I don’t want her stumbling across my sumptuous ‘client’ bedroom any time soon especially with all the delights inside!

There are also some top concierge’s that keep good secrets too. I have been to plenty of five star casinos and high class hotels and celebrity restaurants, across the capital. For those concierges who take their job seriously they merely nod like they’ve never seen me before. This usually applies to The Mayfair or The Dorchester where reputation is everything. Of course the staff knows what goes on; they keep their cards firmly close to their chests. Some of the broader minded concierges who don’t care too much tip their hats or pass me a note with their mobile number or just in case I should need anything, which makes me feel safe knowing that they are on my side.

I’m a little but like a ‘confession booth’ many clients tell me things they wouldn’t tell their wives, girlfriends, mothers or friends, but nonetheless I very much enjoy my job and will always keep secrets secret and would never betray anyone’s trust. So for now you, me and my clients are the only ones who know…

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