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Whether or not you go out, you should brush up for Christmas! It makes you feel good about yourself, and you never know who you might meet! And if you don’t meet anyone, you can always book an escort. And you want to look good for your date, don’t you?

Start with your hair
Getting a nice haircut is an excellent way to start the holiday season. And your escort will thank you for it! They do love to see a man looking dapper around the hairline, and if you’ve got some chin whiskers, you need to get those trimmed and sorted, too. Try something high and tight at the sides if you already have short hair. Go for the “Peaky Blinders” look; it’s what the girls are going for these days.

Buy a suit
Or at least a new shirt and jacket. Think about how good you feel when you have a new outfit to wear. You feel like you can take on the world, right? Now think about how good you’re going to look and feel at the parties you’re going to go to! Looking good will give you the confidence to approach those women you fancy, won’t it?

While at it, if you’re still wearing the same old pair of shoes you’ve had for several years, get some new ones! If you’re getting new shoes, have nice socks, too. If you get into a situation where you remove your shoes in front of a beautiful young woman (if you’re lucky!), you want to have socks without holes, don’t you?

Smell nice
If you’re booking an escort, get some fancy aftershave, too. They smell lovely when you book them, so why not extend them the same courtesy? Wander around The Perfume Shop, or if you’ve got the cash, why not look in Harrods at the aftershave? Here’s a little tip, which applies to your high-end escort too: the more expensive it is, the better it is!

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