Park Lane & Mayfair

Let’s face it: we’ve all watched Sex and the City and been slightly envious of Carrie and her friends’ lives. Living in a bustling city, wearing the best clothes, going to the hottest places in town and, of course, hooking up with some seriously hot (and rich!) men. For a city escort in London, though, that lifestyle is more of a reality than a dream – and often less complicated, too.

Many of our clients are bankers or other wealthy business people. Working in the city, they often want a plus one to accompany them to glitzy parties or an evening of fun in one of the capital’s best hotels. This means plenty of business, and our ladies get to go to some of the most exclusive restaurants, clubs and hotels in London – but as part of their jobs. Now, we certainly don’t remember Carrie Bradshaw having a great time in a New York nightclub and earning money while she was doing so.

Of course, Sex and the City featured plenty of romantic trials and tribulations. There was always the worry about whether an encounter with a guy would turn into something more or if things would be awkward if they saw each other again.

When you’re working as an escort, though, you get to experience all the fun bits of dating men without any of the worry. After all, it’s a professional appointment – so there won’t be any surprises or uncertainty. If you’re meeting up with a guy and he’s made it clear that this is a one-time thing, you’re both on the same page from the start. The same goes for if he’s intending to see you regularly. You’re often fully aware of what’s going to happen after your date has ended. So you can enjoy spending time with some of the most eligible bachelors in the city without the need for any stress.

Working as an escort means that our ladies are always dressed to the nines. They make quite a bit of money from their job, which means that they can splash out on some gorgeous clothes and underwear. Of course, looking great is a must if you’re a London escort, so they are always looking for something to wear for their next date. This city has excellent boutiques, so they never struggle to find something new!

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