Park Lane & Mayfair

Working at a top London escort agency means our girls meet all kinds of men. From business clients to tourists, they love to spend time with gentlemen from all walks of life. If you asked them if they had a favourite, though, they’d have to say a banker.

A lucrative job with one of the capital’s banking firms comes with an impressive salary. That’s part of the banker’s appeal to me; they have the cash to go all out on a date. Think champagne, caviar and five-star hotels, and you’re pretty much there! We’ve been to parties where our banker clients have hired out entire bars and floors of hotels, and they are on the guest list at pretty much every London nightclub.

The reason our escorts love spending time with Bankers most of all is that they are always up for some fun and book pretty regularly! The majority of returning customers are bankers.

Bankers have a little bit of a bad reputation, in our opinion. They’re painted as brash and self-obsessed when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, they’re confident, but you would be too if you had to deliver a high-pressure job daily! They do treat their dates well, though. Often, as they’re so busy, they don’t have time for regular girlfriends – so they treat their high-end escorts with the utmost respect and generosity, often leaving huge tips.

Our city girls often receive incredible gifts from banker clients. Underwear, perfume, designer handbags, even diamond jewellery! They do make you feel appreciated. After all, you’re helping them forget about their job and relax.

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