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I consider myself to be a passionate girl in the most obvious sense of the word. I put as much energy into my emotions as I do every aspect of my life. However, I’m not particularly confrontational so my newest client took me by surprise. He was a referral from a fellow elite escort in London who was too poorly to make her date. Apparently this client was a bit of a character.

One of my favourite words in the English dictionary is ‘passion’. Without passion, the world would be a very boring place and no one would become excited about anything. There’s the passion you show your partner between the sheets when you just want to grab them and shake the hell out of them; a love for arts or music and the passion of a couple arguing in the middle of the street

Dressed for the wintery weather and with a beaming smile, we met on Queens Gate. The first thing that riled me was that he looked me up and down before shaking my hand. And even though, for the most part, he as a gentleman, he was quite rude. As the cloud and the wind picked up, my mood became equally as cold. This client had got the better of me and started to irritate me. We walked and talked from Queens Gate to Kensington without eye contacts and at least three feet apart. Then we went to an expensive restaurant where the conversation was littered with insults. He criticised the food, the service, and my table manners and was just being thoroughly horrid. Eventually I could take no more, so I left and came home.

I was so angry as I reached home. I slammed my front door shut and kicked a chair across the room. How dare him! And I was so annoyed with my colleague for giving me such a vile client.

The next day I had a text which explained that the client arranged dates with our agency to have a really good fight with the escort. He was aroused by a passionate woman and I had left him speechless. Well, that explained it and after that I stopped giving him a hard time. So, slipping into character, I asked what the hell he thought he was playing at being extremely horrid to me, his voice immediately animated. Before I knew it he was yelling all sorts of obscenities and asking if I spoke to all my boyfriends that way? It was rather surreal but oddly quite satisfying.

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