Park Lane & Mayfair

The most exciting parties are the ones where you have to wait to be told the venue at the very last minute. London holds many mysteries whether you are going somewhere like Chelsea or lesser known for its nightlife like Sloane Square. My client lives in the more popular area of the city and I like to travel around the capital to see how they live in the super posh Mayfair or even my neighbours in Belgravia. Not only do my clients live in some swanky places, they know some fabulous people and my client is someone who likes to mix quite literally with high profile people.

Some of my client’s friends hold these fetish parties in their trendy South Kensington apartments. He introduced me just to get into the swing of things before we hit public gatherings.

The good thing about me is that I am an open minded 24 hour escort and that nothing seems to faze me. It’s probably just as well seeing that it’s most certainly a case of ‘what happens in private, stays private’. I love a fetish party, the beauty of the fetish with a twist is to understand that it’s not all dungeons and darkness; it’s about following the correct etiquette and thoughtful respect for what you are taking part in.

I don’t really conform into the conventional life and fetishism is an utterly fabulous way to express myself. I always look forward to pencilling my particular fetish client in for outcall appointments.

I firmly believe that you should benefit from anything delightful and pursue pleasure to its fullest and not to hold back – this world is all about trying out the unusual or unknown and makes your life more fruitful.

So, all I really need to think about tonight is what on earth shall I wear or not wear – or should I mix latex with pearls or leather with diamonds? I know… I may just mix my client and his friend Monique.

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