Park Lane & Mayfair

We have a new Russian client of ours staying in West London for six months. He has a wife and children back in Moscow but wanted a professional and knowledgeable guide to show him the sights of the City. He chose one of our Park Lane and Mayfair model escorts, so with 24hrs notice to prepare something, we had a good look at the British Museum. We thought you can’t get much more British than the royal family so we booked into the Mary Queen of Scots and Royal Manuscripts exhibitions.

We then thought where would be the best place to dine? We have friends at Gordon Ramsey’s Claridges. So of course we booked a table; it would be rude not to.

Our Russian client has booked time for this week and next, asking to come up with something completely different each time, no expense spared. We have suggested the theatre but think he wants to do something that involves walking about. If the weather holds, we might suggest strolling the length of the South Bank, and then look at St Pauls, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament.

If you want one of our fantastic ladies to show you around London or organise the best restaurant of bar to go to – just let Park Lane and Mayfair know what you would like and we will be only too happy to suggest a suitable venue for you. We know all the best clubs and 5* restaurants so you will never book somewhere and be disappointed. We pride ourselves in being a helpful agency and want you to have the best experience with one of our lovely high end escort ladies.

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