Park Lane & Mayfair

One of our regular clients Mike wants our ladies to look as though they have zero sex-appeal to the outside world, unbeknown to Mike our ladies have no smalls on and have a body of a high class model. Mike loves the power of knowing his Park Lane and Mayfair lady is undesirable to anyone on the outside and he has the control over his seemingly sex-less partner. He starts by discussing small menial current events while our ladies make a cup of tea. Our ladies don’t understand the significance of this average day to day task, but then they don’t need to understand.

Mike and his companion stand on the balcony of his luxury home and watch London commuters and shoppers strolling along, as the odd passer-by may glance up to us chatting, maybe assuming that this lady is a cleaner and then Mike’s hands do the talking as they both move inside.

It’s all very ‘normal’ but Mike finds it thrilling. Our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies have often gone shopping or for a coffee before returning to his pad and he had told our girls how he loves the excitement of the unknown. To our ladies, an exciting unknown adventure is a masquerade ball in London’s Soho. Our lovely ladies main objective is to keep clients happy and many clients know how to return their gratification with Jimmy Choos and Chanel.

Being expensive escorts allows are ladies creative juices to flow. Even the boring attire without any Agent Provocateur lurking underneath is great fun. It also gives them a chance to be comfortable and warm without having to hide the tops of their stockings!! Also I guess that it helps our girls neighbours realise that she is just an ordinary girl who can pop out for a newspaper and pink of milk without her designer finest on.

So if you have a request, our girls are not at all fazed or embarrassed about your requests – they enjoy the variety. So give Park Lane and Mayfair escorts a call and find out what they can do for you.

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