Park Lane & Mayfair

One thing I always have to be aware of is that even though I think I have the measure of a client, the goalposts can move at any time. He might go off on a curious tangent and want me to do something totally out of the ordinary and unexpected. I have a variety of wigs, outfits and dark glasses for role play, and I’ve always got another good escort friend to call on should the date become a ménage a trois. Nothing shocks me much these days, but they can undoubtedly surprise me.

Tailor making a date is a fine art that I have learned to perfect. Of course, I’ve made mistakes, but being the professional girl I am,m I’m always able to smooth things over. I know my Marble Arch from my Belgravia and my Kensington from my Knightsbridge- believe me, I’ve told black cab drivers enough shortcuts to drive myself around! Park Lane and Mayfair escorts cover all areas of London, day or night.

The most important part of the Park Lane and Mayfair escort experience is to make every gentleman client feel as though he is your “One and only”. Whether I am in-cal, out-cal, or international, the finer details have already been sharpened, so the date is perfect, and I’m in control of his satisfaction.

I take special pride in my work,k and Ireveree in repeat business, so to me, it is vitally important that my London clients leave smiling. You may find this strange, you might not, but my Filofax has a special section reserved just for date history. I wrote their name, age and contact details down, where we went and what he wanted me to wear. Next comes his preferences: is he straight or kinky? Does he like me to participate in role-play, or are we sightseeing in London? At the bottom, in small letters, I write his budget. I ensure I know exactly what he wants to spend because embarrassing him is a big no-no. Remember, he is paying for my company and time; I want him to be delighted with his purchase.

So, what am I up to today? Well, I have a brand new client at midday for lunch in Leicester Square and then an hour getting to know each other. He told me on the phone that he had never done this before and was a little nervous. I assured him there was no pressure and the date was his to enjoy. So we decided to keep things low-key, both of us in jeans, and hopefully, he’ll realise what a great time he can have with a bubbly, intelligent woman – who happens to be a model escort!

So you needn’t worry about booking one of our elite ladies as they have it all covered; they don’t just ‘turn up’. They put a little thought into their dates, so if you’ve ever been curious, now is the time to book your perfect date, lady…

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